Blocked Again

I don’t know what it is about this book that has everyone in a tizzy. It’s been my experience that those who oppress others are usually guilty of much worse than that which they decry.

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49 thoughts on “Blocked Again

  1. Hollo Mama I love all your books and read all if someone have a problem with your work. They have The problem we love Your work. The lord will take care of them.

      1. hi, I cant find the original book or T-bone on smashwords or by clicking purchase is there any way to still read the original book?
        thank you.

  2. I see nothing wrong with your books and Your not making anyone read this We choose to read them because We enjoy reading your books
    So how is this being such a issue I just don’t get it
    There probably books if theirs I don’t like but I’m not crying about it I just don’t read it
    Your one of my best author to read you have a great talent and I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time with these close minded people
    You keep your great work up

  3. Your books are an automatic buy for me. Anybody have a list of authors involved in this book witch hunt? I am pissed at amazon also for being such a sheep, and after all the money I spent using their site! I need to know who these rabble rousers are for denying me my Jordan Silver fix.

  4. I somehow was able to buy it twice on Amazon under two titles-Redneck and T-Bone: Redneck-before it disappeared. Loved it like all your books! Hope everyone else has an opportunity to get theirs. Love what you do!!!

  5. Some people only feel successful when bringing others down…. I personally couldn’t wait to read this but as I didn’t get paid before it was taken down again I’ll wait. Much love to you!

  6. Read your book Redneck on Kindle Unlimited. Than it was banned? Totally confused. You reissue book under T-Bone with a new cover. I immediately purchased book. I really don’t understand all the drama with this book. I hope you can get to the bottom of this. I agree with others on this. I don’t like censorship!

  7. I’m so sorry that people are trying hard to shut you down, Jordan. Don’t let them. Continue doing what you do girl because you have a fan base that loves you. Whether we like the book or not we should all still respect the fact that everyone has different taste. This sounds to me like some haters got together because of more than the content of your story. Sounds like their agenda stinks of jealousy. Also, who are these people to tell us what we can and cannot read. Is there a way to get a copy of your book since it’s been banned on Amazon?

  8. I read redneck and it was basically no different than stolen both have the same plot just different places where they were taken. As I read the previous comments I have to agree that there are worse books out there that are not blocked. I just can’t understand why block this book when there are incest books that sell very well in taboo. I people don’t like the book don’t read it don’t condemn the author who wrote it or mess with how they make profits. Anyone can get the gist of what the book is about just by reading the description. Keep writing love your books.

  9. What on earth is the matter with people? OK, I get that the basic plot of the story is potentially controversial but you wrote it with such skill that it becomes something quite different. T-Bone is a deliciously complex character featuring in an erotic romance. It’s a hot fantasy. Don’t they get that? I’ve read much worse books from Amazon which have been truly appalling. They’re idiots, please don’t let them get you down.

  10. Hi Mama Butterfly. I just want to let you know that I love your books in everyway you writing them and I would just hope that everything that it’s happening would get fix soon and please don’t lose yourself with this madness that it’s going on just keep being you. The grinch’s that are doing this need to know that karma it’s b##ch

  11. I loved t bone ..people need to learn if you don’t like something don’t read it I personally love all your books they helped me threw 3 yrs of living in a tent snow ,sleet and rain I personally wouldn’t of made it threw with my sanity without your books so Thank you

  12. Now I’m really glad I bought your book when I did then. I got it when it was first available on Amazon. Sorry this is happening to you. I firmly believe this is censorship, and for me it’s wrong. And I tried to teach that to my students. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one has the right to retrict another’s freedom of expression. Essentially it’s telling us what we are allowed to read! Where does it end?

  13. Momma B don’t let the haters bring you down. Jealousy is a nasty thing but karma is a lovely lovely thing. I for one loved t-bone !!!!

  14. I have worse and I don’t understand the problem. Have these people never read Scottish Hughlander romance? Lots of kidnapping to find true love there.

  15. I think this is a bunch of nonsense! It makes me so mad that amazon will allow this book to be removed when there are other titles out there that are a thousand times more taboo and are basically straight porn that are being sold just because some witches have a bug up there you know what’s because they something against you. It’s just petty and childish, not only are you messing with someone’s lively hood your just being a straight up. Sorry don’t mean to be so negative but this just makes me PO’d to the fullest. Behind you 200% Jordan, in the end you’ll come out the better person. That sunshine is waiting for you on the other side of this mess. Hugs mama xoxoxo.

  16. Ms. Jordan I personally LOVE all of your books including thest REDNECK around – T-Bone! I know this so true because I am from the land of rednecks. I really want to say WTF, but the shit stirrers love to stir that pot as you know. But you are always showing how talented and amazing you are and they are just plain jealous. Please keep know you are in my thought and prayers. God bless.

  17. I love this book, but I love all your books. I am going to be a lady and say flip them. Who gives a pretzel if they don’t like it. They need to get a life. You babe are an awesome and talented author, ignore the idiot’s. Love you, keep rocking our world!!!!

  18. Their are worse books on Amazon then T-Bone. I remember reading a book that the man kidnaps a girl trying to get home to a funeral. He raped her, breaks her, even gets her to kidnap another girl so she can do the same to her that to prove her love from him and he accidentally breaks her neck when she “truely” became his. Now that was an F-up book.

  19. I love love your red neck book T_Bones is Awesome in this book. They making a big deal over nothing. They are book they should banned but they don’t. Keep up the Good work . I wish your books come out much faster. Love, love This Book..

  20. Loved T-Bone the first time I read him, the 2nd time and the 3rd time. The fact that he looked like my all time favorite character Jaxx made it even better. Mama knows what to do. Stolen, used to be my number one JS book. So now it’s “Stolen” and “Redneck”. And for all the hypocrites out there, shame on you, you know the fantasy of being kidnapped, tied to a bed and made passionate love to you over and over again is one of yours. You should be happy someone out there has the presence of mine to put your fantasy into words. Yeah, I’m a Butterfly and I own my sh*t, you need to own yours. Mama gets it.

  21. Seriously? ?? Of all the other bull $*&! Crap that is out there people are gonna take offense to this book?? I loved the book and besides, that is the best cover I’ve seen in a while. Where can I find him or can you hook me up????

  22. I think that people are making complaints because T-bone sequestered Melanie. Worse things were made in my grandfather’s Era than what T-Bone did in the book. Stupid people

  23. Didn’t see anything wrong with this book, love it . Shows you ppl can be close minded! Keep being you , love the way you write, you are awesome person, love you momma Butterfly ❤️

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