Blocked Again

I don’t know what it is about this book that has everyone in a tizzy. It’s been my experience that those who oppress others are usually guilty of much worse than that which they decry.

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49 thoughts on “Blocked Again

    1. hi, I cant find the original book or T-bone on smashwords or by clicking purchase is there any way to still read the original book?
      thank you.

  1. I see nothing wrong with your books and Your not making anyone read this We choose to read them because We enjoy reading your books
    So how is this being such a issue I just don’t get it
    There probably books if theirs I don’t like but I’m not crying about it I just don’t read it
    Your one of my best author to read you have a great talent and I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time with these close minded people
    You keep your great work up

  2. Your books are an automatic buy for me. Anybody have a list of authors involved in this book witch hunt? I am pissed at amazon also for being such a sheep, and after all the money I spent using their site! I need to know who these rabble rousers are for denying me my Jordan Silver fix.