It’s Live





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12 thoughts on “It’s Live

  1. Absolutely love Luna and the for sale sign. This was a very enjoyable and heartwarming story. Thank you for entertaining us. God bless and keep you and yours.

    1. Ms. Silver, thank you so much for your brilliant mind and incredibly hot books. My husband enjoys your books as well; he doesn’t read them but still enjoys the stories.. wink…wink.. Laura P.

  2. I love it!, I woke up early this morning and devoured it. Jordan you are balm to my reading soul. Thank you for taking us away from stress and bullshit and diving in your world. Just awesome.

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful story and a new fave man it seems like every single time you release I find a new fave. You have a book available to suit every mood and make a pwrson smile no matter how down the feel a truely blessed gift

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