Coming Real Soon


She looked over her shoulder with that sexy pout and my cock leaked inside her. “Fuck me daddy.”

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49 thoughts on “Coming Real Soon

  1. I am suddenly not feeling the love…. My internet is being bad, and I am sad and tired. Only MY Jordan can make me feel better….. *sobs*

  2. I have found myself reading a book and bam a mamma book comes out and the book I’m reading is gone. I love that your back to you and feeding us freaks. Can’t wait for the rancher. …..we missed you

  3. So I was rereading Man of Steele and at the end of the book there was a teaser for The Hit, are you still working on that book?

  4. This has been a wonderful Thanksgiving as I have been reading Jordan Silver the last few days. My hubby loved every moment …wink wink. Hahaha ! A hot rancher I see in his future…. yeah!

  5. Can’t wait. Doesn’t matter what I’m reading, when you release a new book the world stops and that’s where at. Miss you mama

  6. So ready Mama B! Need a new fix. Also need T-Bones story. I know begging, but really can’t be helped. YOU keep teasing us and we get so excited we have to beg you to give us more. Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed with love, laughter and joy.

  7. I can’t wait for this book. You have been turning out these great books. I love your stories and you Ms. Jordan Silver. Hope your Thanksgiving Was great.

  8. Hello. How have you been? When can are you going to release this one?
    On other note, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends.

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