Are you ready for T–Bone???



“You’re here for my pleasure. I’m going to make a baby in you…maybe two.”

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68 thoughts on “Are you ready for T–Bone???

  1. Wow , just wow , it’s a bad bad boy , wow, I’ve done it again , he’s a bad alpha , can’t wait for the book now, it’s just wow , don’t know how u keep doing it but please don’t stop , I love them , gonna have another favourite now, just started to reread ur old books just can’t get enough thank u

  2. Love everything you write Mama. You are an instant 1 click for me. Patiently (snorts) waiting for Tbones book.

  3. Woowoo! I have been wondering how T-Bone’s been!! All these new releases, it’s the perfect prescription to combat holiday stresses! Thank you Mama B.

  4. OMG as I’m just new to all things Mamma B I’m very excited. I have seen lots of posts on facebook about T Bone,and would love to read the teaser everyone is mentioning , I have loved all your books and cant wait for more, you are without a doubt my favorite author…. Happy Holidays to you and your family…Waiting Patiently…ok somewhat patiently Lol..

  5. I am so giddy. I finally realized how to post a comment. I am ready like nobody’s business. Bring it sister. And keep them coming

  6. Yep, Ready. T-Bone, Yesssssssssssssss. Thank you Mama, I know he is going to be Mineeeeeeeeee. Yep, MINE.

  7. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh…… Hell Ya……. been behaving Momma B….. miss you, but your books are keeping me company…… Happy Holidays and many blessings to you and your loved ones! I hope you know, how grateful your readers are with your stories. Thank You……

  8. Can’t wait for T-Bone, Rancher’s Wife and the rest of your soon-to-be releases…keep it up Ms. jordan!

  9. Mama Jordan, I have loved all your new releases and cannot wait for T-bone,. I want mime rare! When will it be released? When, when, when. I am doing my butterfly happy dance! Woo hoo!

  10. Mama Butterfly, I love all the new releases you have been giving us. I can’t wait for T-bone! I am doing my happy butterfly dance. Yay!!!

  11. You’ve been spoiling us Mama B!!! Im loving all these books!! Can’t wait for Redneck!
    Thank you❤️

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