New release coming soon

Hi butterflies, not sure if any of you know but Broken, Biker’s Baby Girl, Passion, Night Visits and Talon’s Heart are now 99 cents for a limited time on amazon, barnes and nobel, kobo and apple. I’ve also placed Lyon’s Crew, My Best Friend’s Daughter and Connor Seal Team Seven for free for a little while on all those channels. I’m also doing a countdown deal for 99 each on Catch Me If You Can. Mouth, Kicking and Screaming, Billionaire’s Fetish, and His Xmas Surprise on amazon. ALSO I am almost finished with a new #smutastic story. I would share a snippet but I want you to be totally surprised. I will say after my little break this one seems more like my old style if a little longer than my shorts and the sex is on every other page so if you’re not down for wet panties, do, not. read… I’m feeling good… love yous

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