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Good morning butterflies, a moment of your time please. Anyone who knows me by now, know that the one thing I ask of my readers is to not ask me when a book is being released. The reason I don’t write for a publishing house other than the fact that they’d probably think that i can’t write for shiz, is because I hate time lines. I’ve heard people complain about their favorite authors losing that thing that made them so special in the first place, have you ever stopped to think that it may be because they’re on a schedule and forced to write a story at a specific time even when they’re not feeling that particular story at that time? This is why I try not to leave anything in a cliffhanger because that would suck. The other thing is, story tellers or authors whatever they choose to call themselves, have to eat and pay bills like everyone else. If they make this their livelihood, then it takes time to produce a book. If that book is not well received, it doesn’t matter if they had 10 books planned in the series, they have to bench it and move onto something that works. I’ve had three stories that were basically killed by negative reviews, (Well more but i wasn’t planning on continuing those) The Spitfire Series, The Wives and Mancini Way. Now that some people have caught on and are enjoying them, they want me to continue yesterday, it’s not that easy. When they were destroyed I had to make the decision to leave them alone and move on. Now that there’s an outcry I have to go back to those voices and beg forgiveness and see if they will talk to me again. Some of it comes in bits and spurts, but I will not rush through any of them just to finish. Please try to understand this as it’s the best way I know to explain. Shalom.

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