Just a little taste





She’s still so young and innocent, sometimes I wonder if she’ll ever really be able to live the life I had in store for her. I’ve got her to where she craves my kisses, my touch, me. But is that enough? How will she stand the test of time? I’m not the easiest fuck to deal with, this I know. And with her, I will be even worse. None of that matters though, because I can’t let her go. Not even for her own good.

She’s like a fever in my blood this girl that barely reaches my chest. It amazes me that something that small could command so much from a man like me. That in as little time as it has taken, my whole world now revolves around her. It’s taken great patience, something I never knew I had such an abundance of, outside of battle that is. But I knew there was no other way, not if I wanted her for the lifetime I envision us sharing together.

We were already growing accustomed to each other’s tells. Something I’ve been teaching her little by little ever since I had decided that she was for me. Now she looks for me whenever she enters a room and draws near whenever we’re in the same space together. And most importantly, I know when she’s in heat.

By the time I’m through, my little hellcat is going to be so attuned to my wants that all it would take is the lift of a brow to get her moving. It won’t be long now before she’s just where I need her to be, and then I won’t have any more days like this. Days where I have to hold myself back.

I’m not worried about me knowing her every wish. That’s the sign of a real man. He knows his woman inside and out. Her every wish, her every need, will be seen to and fulfilled by me. She’s mine. The decision had been made before I even knew who she was, and had only grown more sure with time. For me, there was no need for anything else. Not once I’d caught her scent and went on the hunt. But she was a different story. How could someone so young and inexperienced keep up with the things that I need?

I’d had a few hard moments in the beginning, knowing all the things I want and will to do to her. I’d almost walked away. The commander had been the only father I’d ever known. The fact that I had plans to violate his daughter, and make no mistake about it, that’s just what the fuck I plan to do, had given me pause.

Would I be betraying his trust if I took her. As much as he had admired us as a team, would he have wanted someone like me for his daughter? I had no answers, but the more I was around her, the less it started to matter.

In the end I’d decided that nothing and no one was going to come between her and I, I won’t let it. My little Susie needs me. She thinks she’s tough, but from my conversations with her brother I know that she was just a little girl playing grown up. She’s had to take on a lot of responsibility in order to help out her mom, sacrificing her childhood in essence. Now I’m here to see that she’s the one taken care of.

“Come here to me.” She got up with a questioning look on her face as she left her chair and made her way around the table to my side. I was pleased that although there were questions in her eyes there were none on her lips. “Good girl. Now spread your legs open for me.” There was the slightest of hesitations as she looked towards the door, but again she did as she was told.

I’d dressed her myself after we came home from dinner at Con and Dani’s place. The silk and lace short peignoir in sapphire blue matched her eyes perfectly, and molded her body, lifting her perfect tits, and accentuating her tiny waist. Her legs were encased in matching silk stockings held up by silver garters. They matched the straps of the three-inch heels she wore. All carefully chosen by me from one of the finest lingerie shops in Europe. It’s one of my weaknesses, as was she.

“Look at me.” I waited until her eyes focused on mine before running my hand up her thigh under the little bit of frill until I reached her silk covered pussy. Cupping her heat in my palm I slid my finger over her slit until I met her clit. “Give me your mouth.” She leaned over and placed her lips on mine softly. I let her lead without taking over and her innocence thrilled me. Her kiss was ravenously hungry, yet cloaked in insecurity. I loved that no one else had ever touched her in this way, that all her firsts were mine.

“Sit.” She climbed into my lap and waited. It was the same every night. I’d awaken her body and then seduce her mind. Tonight I planned to push her harder, farther, but first I moved slowly, letting my fingers trail up and down her arm as we talked. I stole kisses, always breaking them off just when she was going under, leaving her wanting more.

My soft whispers of what I wanted to do to her warmed her up as I slid my hand up her thigh and drove my fingers inside her waiting pussy partway. “I’m going to ravish you Little Gem.” Her eyes went to half slits and she groaned as my words heated her blood. “Kiss me.” She opened her mouth and sucked on my tongue greedily while I used my fingers to tease the juices from her body.

“Are you ready for my mouth?” Tonight would be the first time that we share this particular delight. I’ve been working her up to it for days now. She nodded shyly as I got to my feet with her in my arms.

I laid her back across the table, lifted her cute silk nightie to her plump tits and tore her panties down her legs. “Beautiful.” I ran my hand down her middle until I reached the prize. “Open your eyes, I want you to watch.” I sat back down again and pulled her ass to the edge of the table.

I took a mere second to enjoy the plump beauty of her pussy before lowering my mouth to her and driving my tongue home. “Fuck.” Her taste was all that I knew it would be, salty sweet. Her pussy was tight around my tongue and I had to use my fingers to open her up for my onslaught.

“Fuck my tongue, move the way I’ve taught you to on my fingers.” I waited for her to overcome her shyness before grabbing her ass in my hands and diving into her untried cunt like a starving man.

She sprung a leak in my mouth, at least that’s what it felt like, as much pussy juice as she fed me. I lapped that shit up like life giving water and went back for more. When her movements grew wilder and she raised her legs and put them around my neck while grabbing fistfuls of my hair I wanted to fuck and fuck hard. My dick cried out for me to do something and only my hand pressing down on him got him back under control.

I slapped her ass once with my tongue fucking her to see how she would take it. Swear to fuck she came on a scream and stopped me in my tracks. My dick, which I had barely contained got even longer, and my heart picked up speed. Not all women can take a little pain with their pleasure and it was very important to me, to us that she could.

I tested the strength of her virginity against my tongue while I tried to stretch her. She was tight as fuck and my cock wept at the idea of finally getting in there. I tickled her tiny sphincter with the tip of my finger to help her open up even more as I tongue fucked her to another orgasm.

When she was through shaking, and squeezing my dick wasn’t really working anymore, I lifted my head from between her thighs and looked up into her eyes. “We’ll work on stretching your little pussy enough to take my cock.” She’s gonna need it.

I got to my feet with all intentions of taking her to bed to sleep, but the sight of her sprawled there on the table, her legs spread wantonly and her pussy glistening with her juices, I couldn’t resist. I leaned over her again and rubbed my tortured cock over her pussy. She went nuts and the front of my jeans were soaked.

I pressed her back against the table, grabbed her hair in my fists, and dry fucked her until she was hyperventilating into my mouth. “Ummm, baby, I can’t wait to fuck you.”

I’m man enough not to cum in my fucking pants but she got me close. I let her cum again all over me and waited until she was calm once more. My balls hurt like a son of a bitch but what’s new? They’ve been that way pretty much since the moment we met.

“Come, that’s enough for tonight.” I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed in our playroom. “We’ll sleep here tonight.”

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