Teaser alert

Jordan Silver
Copyrigth©2015  Jordan Silver
All Rights Reserved

“Daddy loves his babygirl, but I will light your ass up again or worse if you ever pull that shit again you hear me?” I let her feel my dick on that last stroke and she screeched and bucked, her back arching deep and only sucking me deeper into her cunt that seemed even tighter than it had the night before. I was this close to emptying my sac in her too soon, that’s how good that shit was. She did her ass roll on my dick and I almost shot off.

Sweet Pussy
Jordan Silver
Copyright© 2015 Jordan Silver
All Rights Reserved
“I want you on your hands and knees.”
Oh shit, he pulled all that cock out of me and turned me over onto my front before lifting me to my knees. Before I could say anything else he was driving back into me from behind and if I thought he was deep before he was reaching places far deeper inside from this position.
“Sweet hot pussy.” That voice, was there anything about this guy that wasn’t designed to make me lose my mind?
Even his hands on my hips felt amazing. He held me so tight I could hardly move but there was no need to, he was moving me pretty good on and off his dick all by his lonesome.

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