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Texas Hellion
Jordan Silver
Copyright © 2015 Alison Jordan
All Rights Reserved
“Cami you have got to calm down, you can’t do anything rash here.” I listened to my best friend of fifteen years while I took a sip of my gin and tonic. Inside I was a fuming mass of destruction ready to detonate; outwardly I was the same debutante princess my daddy had raised me to be.
Thinking about my daddy also reminded me of something else he’d raised me to be. I slammed the glass down on the bar top and hopped off the stool. It was a wonder they’d served me. At five feet nothing and about ninety pounds, I didn’t look a day over twelve. That was a whole eleven years younger than my actual age of twenty-three.

“Oh boy. Where are we going Cami?”
“Mary-Joe you sit your squeamish ass down on that stool. I’ll be back lickety-split.” She grabbed at my arm but I was already gone. Heading for the exit in my four-inch heels, hip hugging jeans and my Harley Henley that made my girls look perfect.
The night wasn’t chilly enough to warrant a jacket so my ass was on display. I usually hid it beneath my fringe jacket that was the envy of the county. I could hear the murmurs behind me as I was sure everyone and their mama already knew the news. That just burned me up even more.
I hotfooted it to my little powder blue convertible that daddy had got me for my last birthday to replace the pastel pink one I’d had since I was eighteen. Daddy! If, no when he heard about this, there was going to be hell to pay. I figure better me than him. Brady Sutherland is not known for his warm and fuzzy side.
I saw Mary-Joe scrambling to her vehicle but I wasn’t afraid. She might know where I was headed, but she’s afraid of going above thirty so there was no way she was going to catch me in my little speedster. I pressed down on the gas and let the evening breeze blow through my curls.
The more road I ate up on my way to my destination, the more pissed I became. It had only been a few hours since I’d learned the truth after all. Since my whole world had been knocked off kilter through no fault of my own
I’ve always been a good girl. Mama and daddy had instilled in me from an early age how important it was for someone in my position to have an upstanding reputation. I was raised to look out for those less fortunate than me, to always show kindness no matter who it was I was dealing with, and to never look down on a person because of their financial situation.
I’ve held fast to those teachings all my life, until today, until Joel Campton made a B.D. fool out of me. Him and that rotten twat skank he was caught bare ass naked with two days before my wedding. I looked over at the twelve-gauge shotgun my daddy had given me for my sixteenth birthday. You see, along with being taught how to be a lady, my daddy had taught me how to shoot the balls off of any motherfucker that dared mess with Brady Sutherland’s little girl.
I took the corner off the highway on two wheels, I hope sheriff Carson wasn’t anywhere around, him or none of his mealy mouthed deputies. I wasn’t in the mood for any niceties and I’m in just the right frame of mind to shoot anyone who tries to get in my way.
I saw the little rundown house coming up ahead. Okay it wasn’t rundown, but it wasn’t on my caliber either. The little hot crotch librarian that lived there had fooled everyone into thinking that she was as innocent as her job title intimated. I was the only one who had seen through the mousy little tart’s charade and for that, she had sought to destroy me.
Well, someone had forgot to tell her that there were two sides to sweet lil ole me. I’m sure she knew all about the cotillions and the coming out parties and such, but she didn’t know about the shooting range behind the family mansion, or the weekends spent hunting with daddy and grandpa.
I guess after the doctors told mama she couldn’t have any more after me, and daddy decided he loved mama too much to cheat, he decided to treat his one and only as both son and daughter. I got the best of both worlds.
“Joel you bring your skinny ass on out here now.” I know the snake was in there because I saw the tail end of his truck sticking out from behind the house where he thought it was hiding.
When there was no answer forthcoming, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I didn’t have all day with this mess. The first shot broke the front window. That got them to running around in there like bulls at a stampede.
“Come on out ya hear.” The second one went through the door. Shit, door, there’s a back door. I made my way around the side of the house to the back where I was just in time to catch them trying to make a run for it. I didn’t aim over their heads. What would be the point? I was sure no one would blame me for winging them, and besides, my gramps’ the town judge, he’d get me off.
“Ouch, she shot me.” They scrambled back inside after I nailed her ass. She was still talking so it was maybe just a flesh wound; more’s the pity. “If you don’t come on out of there, I’m gonna get me that nice can of gasoline that daddy insist I carry around in my trunk and light this place up like the fourth of July.”
“Cami, you calm down out there now, don’t you do anything stupid now.”
“Did you just call me stupid?” I shot through the broken window. That gin and tonic was finally kicking in. How many of those things did I have anyway? Didn’t matter, I was feeling no pain.
I shot off a few more rounds but the two cowards weren’t budging so I did what I promised, I kept my word. The bright red plastic container with the black nozzle was right where I’d left it, all I needed was some matches and I was in business.
“Grant you’ve got to help me out.”
“What is it Brady? You sound off.” I would be too if I had to deal with the wedding of the century, but I didn’t say anything to my old friend. He’d probably chew my ear off if I said anything anyway. No one got away with anything when it came to his precious little girl.
“Cami’s cheese fell off her cracker again.” What the hell is new? The girl is a damn nuisance. I’m surprised she hasn’t been carted off to the loony bin before now, as much shit as she gets up to. “What did she do now?” I rolled my eyes in the safety of my home, which was the only place it was safe to do so in this situation in this town. I seem to be the only one in the seven years that I’d been living here, to have seen the true colors of one Cami Sutherland.
She’s a spoilt little rich…grrr, who thinks she can have her way in everything. From the age of sixteen until now, I haven’t seen much difference in her and won’t hold my breath. “That asshole Joel cheated on her with that new librarian. She only found out today and her friend Mary-Joe just called to say she’s gone after them. I’m not home, I got stuck down in San Anton, and her mama went on a last minute buying trip before the wedding. Heaven help me if somebody don’t get down there quick there’s going to be trouble.
Something inside me went cold and hard. “I’ll go after her Brady not to worry.” I hung up the phone and headed for my truck. I had a general idea of where the librarian lived, what was her name again, Sandra? I think that’s it. It might be faster on my horse to cut through the pasture and all, but I wasn’t about to take my stallion in the middle of some shit that I didn’t know whether it was dangerous or not. Of course when you think about the fact that I was about to put my own self in the middle of it, that didn’t make any sense but what the hell. It was my choice the horse didn’t have one.
Cami-Cami-Cami. I wasn’t sure what to think of this girl from one minute to the next. The first time I met the sixteen year old, she seemed sane enough. There was no difference between her and any other sixteen year old I’d met up to that point, except maybe for her exceptional beauty. She was stunning I’d give her that. But it didn’t take me long to realize that there was more than a little bit wrong with the girl. She is nuts! Plain and simple.
Her daddy and grandpa thinks the sun rises and sets in her ass, and so does most of the town come to think of it. I seem to be the only one in her spoilt little existence who’s ever told her no. Come to think of it, that’s when I first saw the other side of her. It’s not like she was vindictive or spiteful or anything like that, but she had a way of getting her point across.
That boy Joel was a mistake waiting to happen. I could’ve told them that, but I’m sure, as with everything else, she wanted him so her daddy made sure and got him for her. That boy was no match for little miss firebrand, and the fact that no one else had seen that was a mystery.
I heard the racket before she came into sight. One thing about her, whenever I had her in my sights I was sure to get a good laugh. “Put that damn gun down and get out of there.” I slammed out of the truck suddenly more angry than was warranted. The situation didn’t really have anything to do with me after all, I was only here as a favor to her dad. But somehow seeing her here making a fool of herself over him, made me hot around the collar.
“You get out of her Grant Colfax, this has nothing to do with you.” Did she just stomp her foot at me? She was a sight to behold that’s for sure, with her perfectly curled hair and her flawless makeup, while brandishing a gun that was almost half her damn size.
“That you out there Grant? We need help in here, Sandra’s been hurt.” That changed things up a little now didn’t it?
“How bad is she hurt?” I held my position next to the truck making sure to keep it between me, and the idiot woman with the shotgun. Her little friend was cowering in the hedges off to the side with her phone plastered to her ear.
“Her elbow, I think it’s shattered.”
“I’ma shatter more than that trollop’s elbow you come on outta there.” The idiot took another shot at the house. I always knew she was gonna come to this end. Too much damn fire in one little girl.
“Cami, your daddy sent me out here after you, now put the gun down and let’s talk this thing through. Your daddy and mama are worried sick over you, let’s end this before it gets any worse.”
“Can’t get any worse than this, they humiliated me in front of the whole town, they have to pay. Now you go on back home Grant, I don’t want you here.”
“Too bad, now put that damn thing down.” She swung it around and pointed it at me. Now I’m no fool, at least I tell myself that I ain’t, but I hate being aimed at. It’s like waving a flag in front of a bull. I was around the truck and heading for her before I could think better of it. Her eyes widened and she tried to make a run for it when I advanced on her.
“Don’t you move one step little girl or I promise you I’ll turn you over my knee right here in this clearing.” I knew that wasn’t gonna work, but I also knew she wasn’t gonna shoot me. Her dander might be up, but she wasn’t stupid, and like I said, she didn’t have a mean bone in her body, well not usually; she was just nuts.
I saw the hurt in her eyes the closer I got to her and wasn’t sure what to make of the feelings that started in my gut. I always did hate to see anything weaker than me in pain, but this one can take care of herself. “Give me the gun sweetheart.” I held out my hand for the weapon, hoping that she wouldn’t make me have to get rough with her, but knowing that it could go either way.
She took one last look back at the house, as though weighing her options while hefting the gun in her hand. Then her shoulders slumped in defeat and she passed it off to me. “Now I’m gonna let those two come out here so he can take that girl to the hospital to get looked at before she bleeds out. You gonna promise me to behave yourself right.” she nodded her head as I emptied the gun of any live rounds and placed it under my arm.
“Okay Joel you can come on out now.” The door squeaked open a little and he peered out before making his way around it and out onto the porch. The librarian wasn’t much taller than his shoulder as she hid behind him her arm wrapped in a towel with way too much blood soaking through it.
“Shit, that’s not a flesh wound get her out of here.” Things were going pretty good, they were almost to the car, but then the librarian looked back and shit went to pot. “I want her arrested, she’s crazy.” My hands were full of gun and ammo so I wasn’t much help when this one rushed her and knocked her on her ass. Joel meanwhile was doing his best not to get caught in the middle. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. No doubt he was thinking about the hell her daddy was going to rain down on his head over this debacle.
“Cami get back here.” I dropped the bullets and nabbed her before she could take another swing at the girl, wondering the whole while where this hellcat had come from. Now I’ve seen her do some crazy teenage shit back in the day, but nothing that came even close to this. Breaking curfew and joyriding around my land fast enough to scare my animals, or bringing a group of friends home when her parents were out of town to have an out of control party was wild teenage stuff, this was something else altogether.
“You little idiot are you trying to get yourself arrested?” Her friend came over to help me keep her quiet while Joel got Sandra in the car and drove off. I noticed that neither he nor Cami had said anything to each other in this whole exchange. “Let’s get you out of here, no doubt unless those two come up with a good story the sheriff’s gonna be at your door soon.”
She started to move towards her car but I pulled her over to my truck. “Hey, I can’t leave my car here.”
“I’m not letting you alone, who knows what the hell else you’d get up to and your daddy asked me to look after you ‘til he gets back. Now put your ass in the front seat and zip it.”
“I’ll call my brother and his friends to come drive her car home Mr. Grant, thank you so much for coming after her, I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t.”
“No problem I’ll see that she gets home safe.” I stored the gun in the back of my truck and got in beside her. She was still fuming but at least she was unarmed. I really had no interest in whatever story she had to tell. I’d had a bitch of a day with a sick calf on my hand and we were right in the middle of breeding season. I didn’t have time to be rescuing daddy’s little princess who’d got their feelings hurt because the boy she wanted, wanted someone else.

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