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Ten minutes-that’s all I need-ten minutes. Everyday is the same thing. I don’t know why I thought today would be any different.
I closed the door behind me and snuck over to the crib. My little angel was three weeks old, and each time I looked at her, it was like reliving that moment when she fell into my arms from her mother’s womb.
It was the most fulfilling moment of my life. My heart was crazy for this little replica of my wife. She was pure Shania from head to toe, and there were moments when I wondered how my poor heart was going to hold all the love I had for the two of them, it was so full.

I knew her routine so I knew that she would be getting up from one of her many naps any minute now.
Which meant that one of her grandparents will soon be here to grab her, and it’ll be late night before I see her again.
I wiped my hands off on my pants to make sure there was no excess water from my earlier hand washing, and then lifted her tiny sleeping form.
Fuck there’s no other feeling like it in the world, except maybe when her mom cuddles into me at night.
“Hey daddy’s little princess.” I held her close to my heart as I walked through the connecting door from the nursery to the master bedroom.
Kicking off my shoes, I climbed on the bed and whispered to her until her little eyes opened and she looked up at me.
“There she is, hey there pretty girl.” She did that cute little stretch and curl that babies do before settling into my arms.
Her little fist found her mouth and she started to fret. Damn, it’s the one thing I can’t do for her. It always foils me, because her mother is as much of a baby hog as her grandparents, and I know once I give her up, that would be it.
I kissed her little face and talked to her the way I always do, like she understood me. She stopped fussing and just stared at her dad like she was really concentrating on what I was saying.
“Guess what daddy did today? Daddy helped put a very bad man away for the rest of his life.” I’d spent the day giving a deposition in the case against Carter.
Since the government wanted to keep this shit as hushed up as possible, they were doing things a little different.
With all the evidence, there was really no need for a trial. Add the fact that he was being treated as a homegrown terrorist because of his crimes and he was pretty much sewn up tight.
I was just glad that my wife wouldn’t have to face that ass in court. I’d thought that after her ordeal that day that she would be withdrawn, scared, but she just brushed it off and went back to wedding planning.
She said she was too happy to let him take anything else from her, so we went on with life. I still watched her to be sure there were no residual feelings, but she seemed to really be over it.
I’d gotten my way in the end and our wedding was held in our backyard three weeks later, to the chagrin of our mothers.
In the end it was a good deal, because it wasn’t long after that that she missed her period.
I was a complete mess the whole pregnancy. I hated letting her out of my sight even to go to work, and when her tummy got too big for her to see her own feet, I was a wreck.
That’s the only reason I wasn’t kicking our families out of my house, because I’d called on them so much for back-up during her pregnancy, that it would seem ungrateful to send them packing now.
I actually got to spend a few minutes with my girl before she really started fretting for her mom’s tit.
I changed her right there on the bed, because the changing table scares the shit out of me.
I always feel like I’m going to reach for the powder or something and she’s gonna roll right off.
Downstairs it was like they had radar. As soon as I hit the landing they came out of the woodwork. “She’s hungry.”
“You woke her again didn’t you?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She held up the monitor, one of the many I insisted we have around the house, no matter how everyone laughed at me.
“Damn, I forgot about those.” That means she heard me mention the case. I studied her face to be sure she was okay, but she had eyes only for our baby.
She headed back up to feed the baby and I hung with our parents for a bit. Her uncles weren’t here today but I’m sure one or more of them had been in and out at some point today.
One thing was for sure my poor kid was going to have a hell of a time growing up. Shania had already threatened them with bodily harm if they tried treating our daughter the way they had her while she was growing up.
She wasn’t going to get any help from this corner, I agreed with them wholeheartedly. In fact, we’ve already been working on our game plan.
Justin the ass was the worst though. He actually made a graph of all the male children born up to ten years before her; I kid you not.
At the top of this chart of his were the words, ‘Little fucks we have to keep our eyes on.’ We each had a copy.
It was pretty well understood that this was something we were each gonna have to do for the other when they got married and had daughters of their own; kind of a Chase-Spalding family tradition.
After the others were gone and it was just the three of us, I sat on the couch with the two of them wrapped in my arms, while I watched my two girls nod off.
“Come on baby, it’s time for bed.” She cringed when I took the baby from her arms.
“What’s the matter, what hurts?”
“Callie didn’t take enough milk and I’ve already expressed enough for tomorrow.”
“I’m on it, just let me put the little princess down and I’ll take care of you.” This was one of my favorite things about her new plumper body.
Her breasts are monuments of magnificent beauty; in which I find hours of pleasure.
We put the baby down together and stood looking down at her to make sure she was really down, before leaving for our room.
With the greatest of care, I removed her clothes before taking her down to the bed. I’m always extra careful with her now, never forgetting what she’d just been through to bring my child into the world.
“Which one hurts more love?” She pointed to her left nipple, which was already leaking.
I propped her up on the pillows for comfort and then leaned over and started to drain her aching breast.
I always get hot as fuck when we do this, but I know I can’t have her for at least another month, so I concentrate only on taking care of her.
I refuse to rub one out, or for her to take me into her mouth. If she has to go without I don’t see why I can’t.
It figures though, that her body looks as ripe for fucking as I’ve ever seen it, and I can’t touch her.
With my luck, by the time I can get inside her she’d have lost the little added padding on her ass that makes me drool.
Her milk was sweet on my tongue and I had to remind myself like always, to go slow and suckle instead of devouring.
My dick was already hard and hurting by the time I’d emptied one tit and moved onto the other, and it was getting harder and harder to ignore.
She felt it against her leg and rubbed against me teasingly. “Baby, don’t.” I went back to suckling her and she went back to teasing me with her thigh.
When her nipple finally popped out of my mouth I wasn’t fast enough to stop her from sliding down the bed and fishing my cock out of my pants and into her mouth.
My eyes crossed with remembered pleasure, but still I tried pushing her away. “We had a deal.”
She gripped my cock at the base and kept stroking while she looked up at me. “That was your deal not mine, I think it’ s only fair, you milked me, now I get to milk you.” She dove back down on my cock, taking me in deeper this time.
“Oh fuck.” She’s gotten even better at this shit over the months; she should, with as much experimenting as she did on my ass.
It was almost like she was practicing for times like this, when I couldn’t come into her body. The husband in me wanted to be a gentleman, but it had been so long, that by the time I felt her tongue move across my cock slit, I was face fucking her. She loved it.
Now up on her knees with me flat on my back, she worked me over, using her throat to massage my cock before pulling back and sucking the fuck out of it.
“I’m gonna cum baby.” As always, my good girl took the first shot in her throat before pulling me out of her neck and stroking the rest of my seed onto her tongue so she could taste it.
I was as weak as the baby when she was finished with me. I barely had the energy to pull her up into my arms and hold her. “Thank you baby, that was amazing.”
“I’m glad you liked it, now we can both get some rest before you know who wakes up and need our attention.”
I waited until her breath evened out before closing my eyes in sleep as well.
We were asleep for less than a couple hours it seems, when I heard the fussing through the monitor that was kept on my side of the bed.
I rolled out of bed with my eyes half closed, scratched my chest and tried to find my way in the dark. One quick look showed my wife fast asleep. Poor thing she was worn out.
In the nursery I cooed to the fussing baby while I changed her, before taking her in to her mom. Being careful not to wake her mother, I put her on the tit.
I felt the familiar guilt I usually do at times like this, when I worried that I might’ve taken too much and not left enough for her, but when I saw the milk escaping around her puckered little lips, I relaxed.
I held them both, the baby cradled between us as my wife slept through the whole thing.
This too was one of my favorite times of day. The peace and quiet of the moment never ceased to get me every time.
In my arms, I held the whole world. It was more than any one man could hope for, and maybe more than I deserved, but I sure am grateful for it.
With soft kisses against both their heads, I held them just a little tighter. “I love you both.”


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