here’s a little something to tide you over while i rest *snort*

The Villain

“Draco here…yes I know, what the fuck do I care just do it yeah?” I hung up the phone and shook my head, looked like I might have to play hardball after all. When it rains it fucking pours and right now there was a cluster fuck of storms on my horizon.
Picking the phone back up right away, I hit callback. “Yeah Chase, he has a daughter doesn’t he? How young is young? Eighteen? Old enough to bleed old enough to breed grab her.”

I went back to what I’d been doing before I was interrupted. The dumb fuck sitting across from me was sweating bullets and looking like he’d already tasted his death. Good for him, at least he knew what was coming. That’s what happens when you try to fuck over Draco Santorini.
“Do you understand why I have to kill you?” I looked him square in the eye as I asked him this. I like to be fair after all. If a man was about to die, he ought to know the fuck why? Parents tell their children why they’re being punished don’t they?
“Mr. Santorini, Draco, sir, I didn’t mean anything by it. It was just a misunderstanding.” He fidgeted and moved around on his chair, I was expecting to see piss stains any second now. Why the fuck these humps keep fucking with my shit, when they can’t even stand a little heat, was beyond me.
Everybody knows that if you fucked with Draco, you’re gonna get burned. Still, every couple of months or so, some new fuck was in my shit. I guess that’s what happens when you’re top dog. Everybody wants your spot.
“Well, your little misunderstanding just cost you your life.” I’m not sure if he felt the shot to his forehead or not. Sometimes they say a shot to the brain kills you before the pain sets in. The fuck do I know? I’m no scientist.

My men came into the room to take him out and I went back to work. There was always some shit going on around this bitch. Crime was a never-ending taskmaster. Those fucks who complained about their nine to fives should walk a day in my fucking shoes.
I was bored with the damn paperwork in two hours flat; how the fuck did the pencil pushers do this shit? It was my own fault though. Since I don’t trust any motherfucker walking, I have to take care of this shit myself. The last motherfucker got thrown off the roof, thieving fuck.
But in hindsight, I could see how crunching somebody else’s numbers day in and day out could push an asshole to that point. People should just be more careful who the fuck they tried to rob that’s all.
I heard a whole lot of commotion outside in the hallway, just before my boy Chase came through the door with something that was kicking and screaming. “Whoa, whoa, whoa; what’s all the racket?” He pushed it… whatever the fuck it was, towards my desk.
“Damn. What have we here?” I stood from my chair and walked around my desk. She was hot as fuck to say the least. Short, about five three maybe, wild as fuck black curls, and cat green eyes. My cock thanked me and I hadn’t even smelt the pussy yet.
“A pain in the ass that’s what.” My boy looked beat to shit, there were scratches up and down his arm, and what looked like blood on his lip. I looked at the little dynamo who was trying to kill me with her eyes. Damn, I haven’t fucked anything that wild in…ever.
“Now Chase, that’s no way to speak about a young lady, especially not one as gorgeous as our guest. Now where did you find her? And before I forget, thank you.” I grinned at him and he rolled his eyes.
“She’s Felix’s daughter.”
“Get the fuck out; that mutt produced this? Tell me sweetheart, were you adopted?”
“Fuck you asshole, now let me the fuck outta here.”
I was, to say the least, shocked. I think my mouth hung open for a good half a second. This shit was too good to be true. I like a woman with a little sauce; my pussy of late has been very bland.
All those groupie types that liked hanging off my dick. A bunch a whiny, complaining simpletons who only breathed to please me. Who the fuck wants that shit? Okay, it was fun for like, the first five years or so, but fuck, you can’t eat the same shit day after day without growing tired of the fuck.
“What did you say your name was again sweetheart?”
“None of your fucking business, my dad is going to kill you once he hears about this.” She’s killing me here, it’s like someone took all the shit I liked and rolled it into one little package.
“Your daddy is an ass. Why the fuck would he mess with me when he knew he had you in his cache? See, this is what I’m talking about Chase; no one does their homework anymore. Had he done his, he would’ve known that if he fucked with me, Draco was gonna come after the pussy.”
I walked over and sniffed her neck. She still had that new girl smell on her. I’d giver her until tonight to smell like me. I’m gonna put my stamp on this one and soon.
One, to piss off her old man, and two, because no one has ever made my cock this hard without having it stuffed down their neck or up their snatch. She’s a keeper alright.

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