Hello my little butterflies, I hope you enjoy whatever you find here. My name is Jordan Silver and I am a storyteller of sorts. My work is available in e-book and paperback format and may be found at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and smashwords. Please check the site thoroughly for all information pertaining to New Releases. The Book Corner has the links to all/most of my books that are available. My style is the same always, No cheating, no long drawn out separations, very little angst, HEA, and contrary to what some seem to think, I do not write cliff hangers, and definitely not any involving the main characters. Thank you for reading.
Be at peace, Jordan Silver

167 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I enjoy your books, I look on amazon every day for any new ones. Cool to see two today, just finished the thug and loved it. Keep them alpha males coming.

  2. Hello there! First off, I just want to remain you how much you are love by all of your fans. We love your work and we are always constantly hungry for more! Secondly, we love the fact that you have new books being release everyday. Well, not literally everyday, but enough to keep your readers coming back for more. UGH! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR BOOKS! Third, I can’t wait for the fourth book of Mouth, and many of your others. All your fans are looking forward to seeing new books and we can’t wait! So, please continue doing what you are doing and please reduce our torture by waiting too long for your books! We also love the fact that you don’t leave us waiting too long for a book like other authors. Because we could not have enough of you! Keep up the great work and we ALL LOVE your work! ;D

      1. Sometimes if u go to jordan silver page and click on new release it will have her new stuff with a link to amazon

  3. Just found one of it books on Amazon. “The Brit” . It came out on July 19, but I can’t even find it on it’ve website. Just wondering why that is.

  4. Mrs. Jordan when is Rough Rider coming out? I read “The Bastard” this morning and in dire need of my alpha male fix! Wait I think I want “Kicking and Screaming” first. Yep that will do, thank you very much!

  5. I just found out that you have other books that I had no idea about. i’m new to facebook (like just hit the air new). I just about lost my @#$!! mind. My question to you Mrs. Silver, is, Rough Rider, Killer, kicking and Screaming, WHEN, WHEN, WHEN. I have bought everyone I could find, read them all, need more. Your books are my drug of choice. Don’t judge me

  6. Just started reading Killer Baby Boy 3. I am in love with this Alpha. Please keep the books conning. Thank you for your hard work pin these books. Keep writing and I will keep buying. Smile

  7. Just finish reading all 3 books of Bad Boys I love them all. I love the Alpha male in all the books. I have read all your books and love them all. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. You are AWESOME GIRL. YOU ROCK!!!!!!! :)

  8. I was rereading my little books of erotica tales and at the end it had coming soon the family. Is this a book you are working on? Is their going to be a prequel to billionaire fetish. I want to know in more detail how they meet.

  9. I love all your books Jordan! Please convince your publisher to make all of them available for the nook. It is really annoying when they are only available for the kindle. Really frustrating for me but seriously it affects your bottom line. Tomorrow I’m headed to B and Noble to go old school and buy what I can in paperback.

    Your MC club books are funny and accurate. I speak from experience my dad was a Pagan. Granted those guys could be serious outlaws but to this day if I were to need anything they would do whatever it takes. I’ll never forget how my gradeschool principal paddled me for something I did not do and boy did he regret it. My pop never paddled me so he was PISSED. Three of his boys went to my school and gave that principal a paddle of his own and then sent him through his office window. The cherry on top – they forced him to admit his mistake in front fo my entire school and let him know it was in his best interest to give me a public appology. When he balked he was informed that he was to be humiliated like he had me. I was five and they literally held him while I kicked him in the ass repeatedly infront of the entire school. I evev missed and went a bit too far front once or twice. I made the wimp cry. In closing the guys let the staff know that I was never to be touched again for any reason or they would be back. That douche principle was also told he’d get a fresh visit if he cried to the police. They scared the shit out of him. It rocked. I never loved those guys more than I did that day. Those guys could be really rough and scary but they had hearts of gold and treated me like a princess.

    Keep writing Jordan. I will buy it all.

    1. I LOVE THAT FREAKING STORY πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don’t have a publisher butterfly I do it all myself I go through Smashwords to get my stuff on Barnes and Noble and they take forever and they give me hell to publish sometimes

  10. I have the Nook – I would love to have each story available more timely – whatever you could do to make that happen – I know I and others would be very appreciated – I love your style my fav is Lyon series – but Passion comes a very close second and I enjoyed Connor very much too – so yes I am a fan! please have all your books available to us on Nook!

  11. The gambler was a wonderful read! It was outstanding how you wrote this one a differently. Overall, I enjoyed the gambler. Such innocence. :)

  12. I was wondering if you are still continuing the spitfire series? I really want to know what happen at the end and how it ended. Please let us know if you will be continuing the spitfire series. Thanks!

  13. Just finished The billionaire and the pop star. As always you never disappoint can’t wait for your next release.

  14. Love your books just wish that they would come out more often on Barnes and Noble as I have a Nook. Still waiting for about 6 of your books to be available on B&N in ebook format. I have put in soooo many requests for the ebook format.

  15. I know you are busy twitting more smut for us to enjoy (I appreciate that by the way), but everyone else is telling what they want, so I will 2. In this order
    Mouth and the gang
    More of the Lyons
    Seal team
    The pregnancy affair
    And also more books like the daughter in law, that was great.
    Of course I will read anything u write, I just thought to make my wish list known.
    As always u are fantastic. πŸ˜‰

      1. Thank you! If you ever need a proof reader for your books pre-release I would be more than happy to help! I really love your books!

  16. I read Eden High Book 2 last night, and when I went to leave a review, it said I had already reviewed. I did some research, and it looks like it has pulled reviews from Book 1 and is showing them on book 2.

  17. I just saw that Bk 3 Eden High is available for pre-order. You’re amazing. I shall not whine for more for a bit, ok maybe a week. Did I mention that I really enjoyed Farm Girl? It was just what I needed. Stay awesome & keep writing…

  18. Waiting patiently on Illicit………oh when oh when my favorite author in the whole world will u be setting it free…..I’ll be ur best friend. Yep not above kissin ass!!!!!

  19. Ok, why do feel like Cassandra’s storyline in Eden High is going to break my heart? I’m loving Belle & Jared, can’t wait for their courtship.

  20. Not begging (but really I am) … when can we pre-order Eden High 4 and Anarchist 2? I just love your books. Thank you for being such a great and creative writer.

  21. I am a new reader of your books. I am so loving Eden High. How many books will be in this serie and how soon are the books release after each?

  22. I haven’t heard anything lately about when you are releasing Illicit. is it going to be before the end of the year? Thanks
    P.S. I understand your putting out new series or two and will keep reading those but am still waiting for Illicit to come out too :)

  23. So I just finished reading book 4 of Eden High, it was fantastic. Can I get a spoiler alert on book 5, what’s going on with Cass? How many books is this going to be?
    Keep writing you are great (in my toni the tiger voice.)

  24. Jordan, I found your series Eden High when searching for new books to read on my kindle. I am really drawn to this series. When will you be releasing book 5 . . . I have a friend at work who I have also shared this series with. The anticipation is almost too much and this book was released today.

  25. You are the best most wonderful GIVING and greatful author and person in the world. I love you so much. Please never stop being the most wow i dont even have words. I can even say how much i love ALL your fantastic work. Every person i have recommended to read your work still thank me for the heads up. Im so greatful to have stumble upon your books in amazon. I cant even say what i would have been reading now but i know a piece would be missing since your books have everything i love in my books. Thank you. I am sad to see this series end but know God willing you have so many more stupendous book coming our way.

  26. So I’m going through some major withdrawals up here in Alaska. Am holding tight to next week but Damn it can’t come fast enough. Ugggg just thought I would drop you a line and say “your freaks are getting a little feisty here” :-)

  27. Love you..Love you…I’ve been reading for many years..but the day I came across one of your books..I didn’t realize what I had been missing. ..I knew I was craving something More ..from the male characters in the books I’ve read but never could find “that” book…oh but then ….STRYKER happened…No more needs to be said. I’m hooked!

  28. Hi! First, I love your books! Yet I was reading Stryker and I’ve noticed that in many of your books you write “in the worse way.” It’s acutally written “in the worst way.” I say this with the utmost respect. Grammatical errors are a fact of life.

    I truly enjoy your books and always find myself coming back to them. They have this raw energy that I haven’t seen in erotic literature in a while. While other books are erotic they don’t have this emphatic push of emotion portrayed by many of your characters. You capture a readers attention from the first sentence which is very rare. Best of luck with your literary endeavors.

  29. Jordan, is there any more of your books coming out soon? I finished your latest one and I am extremely hungry for more! Please, oh PLEASE, give us more!

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