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Hello my little butterflies, I hope you enjoy whatever you find here. My name is Jordan Silver and I am a storyteller of sorts. My work is available in e-book and paperback format and may be found at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and smashwords. Please check the site thoroughly for all information pertaining to New Releases. The Book Corner has the links to all/most of my books that are available. My style is the same always, No cheating, no long drawn out separations, very little angst, HEA, and contrary to what some seem to think, I do not write cliff hangers, and definitely not any involving the main characters. Thank you for reading.
Be at peace, Jordan Silver

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377 Responses to Home

  1. Gin says:

    You are the best love what you are doing with the soldiers lady

  2. Rae says:

    Love all your books. I found your books on amazon while searching for alpha male stories, yours are the Best. I anxiously await all your new releases.

      • Yoli says:

        Love your work, your books are my drug of choice . I’m excited to read Wyatt and Traci’s story in the champ. When will Cord’s story be released?

    • Pam says:

      I got this reply from Jordan yesterday by email. She asked me to share with all of her butterflies so here is Jordans words. Thank you for sharing your unique talent for story telling!!!

      Quote from Jordan Silver yesterday.
      ” I’m trying to put something out this week Yah willing so you can tell the butterflies. Tell them I think of you all always and miss you like mad. Thanks for contacting me it was nice to hear from you.”

  3. paladin says:

    I really really love all your books!
    Although I’m bit afraid to read the 3rd wife (not really a fan in polygamy. huhu).
    Well. Looking forward for your new releases…Many many releases.
    So live long and well!

    Oh. Some suggestions. Hope you don’t mind.
    1. A step-sibling ‘forbidden’ love story.
    2. Mafia-nun steamy story. Not really a nun thou. Haha.

  4. lori says:

    I have read every book that you have wrote until now, cant wait for your next story. However what happen with “Catch me if you can?”

  5. robin says:

    so how many JS books can you read when you’re iced in for the day? Well, between rounds of Mario on WiiU with the little I think I actually read 3. Olympics? What Olympics?

  6. Rylie says:

    Hello! I love your books but my favourite by far is the pregnancy affair series. Is there any chance you’ll be doing more in that series in the future? Thanks for the amazing reads!

  7. Rae says:

    Hi Ms Silver
    I thought I read somewhere there would be story about Matt from passions? Is there a link available to read excerpt? Thank you.

  8. Jackie Fontenot says:

    Hey, Queen Butterfly!! Just a note to tell you we love you and are thinking about you on FB. Whatever is going on, you tell us if we are able to help. I am sure I can say for all your Butterflies, we will support you no matter where you are!

    • just seeing this Jacks a whole year later, thanks for still being here

      • Mariel says:

        Ms Silver,

        When my dad tried to take custody of my daughter so he could get welfare and not work, I started the Lyon trilogy. When my ex married and my dad went to the wedding, I was mid way through the Lyon series. When I finally saw my oldest again after seven years, I had finished the Lyon series. When my oldest decided she was uncomfortable around me I read taken. When she did nothing but cry at my house I read Bred. When I went back to school and got into the college I wanted but had it resinded temporarily because of grades I got when I first attended I read the mouth. I think you get what I’m saying. Ms Silver the worlds you create in your stories were my escape, my therapy. I’m not one to talk as my childhood taught me no one cared about my feelings. When I saw your email I about fainted. You just can’t stop writing. No one else has the stories you do. No one else works for me at least when things suck. PLEASE, please don’t stop. I faithfully use the kindle unlimited and absolutely love that your books are a part of it. Everything that happens to me good or bad I celebrate or get over with a Jordan Silver book.
        Anyway I just thought you needed to know that.


        • I’m sorry for your hardships in life and I sincerely hope your life changes for the better. It’s people like you that make me push harder even when I’m not feeling it that day. I will try not to give up on my gift, but at this moment in time it’s hard. I am hurt and angry and hate is nipping at my heels. When I no longer feel like I’m about to lose myself maybe then I will be able to come back to what I love. Thank you for your thoughts

          • sheila says:

            It is when we’re at our lowest others lift us up!! Push thru your pain and anger and not let it take you from what you love!!!! There are times when it is necessary to take a break, but only stop if it is what you want to do…. Not what you need to do… I love most everything that you’ve wrote, you have a unique way of getting to the masses… Good luck and know there are many of us waiting for your next work

          • Sobelle says:

            Hi Jordan, I’m one of your biggest fans. I love all your books. In fact I read all your books and kept on checking if you new one coming. This is my first time on your blog and now I understand why there was a long gap until you have your new release. I’m sorry to hear that you are in your lowest term in life. I hope by now your able to pull through and not let it affect your talent in creative writing. I can very well connect on all your heroine characters because that what I admire to a woman who knows her where she stands and not a push over. You are my consistent number one favorite writer for 3 – 4 years now and will continue to follow your work until whenever. You’re a strong and smart woman that I am confident to say that you will bounce back with a vengeance (in a positive way).

            We;ll get spoiled if we always live an easy life. Crossing our trials and tribulations in life is what shaped us to who we are. Wishing you all the best and goodness in life. I’m sure you will receive many by sharing your beautiful talent with us, your avid reader

          • thank you so much butterfly for that pick me up. Every once in a while it’s nice to be reminded of why i keep going

  9. tina says:

    Hi, I love all of your work! When will the next installment of spitfire series come out?

  10. jess says:

    Thank you so so so much for writing these stories. I’m an impatient reader so I would love to have ALL of your books but I know you have to write them first. Thank you also for making this website. I keep on feeling like I’m missing a book but I know now that I am not. Thank you so much for writing these stories/books!!

  11. Hiraina says:

    Hi my dear, maybe I’m a bit early but I wish you a really very Happy Birthday butterfly.
    Hope you’ll have your stressless year ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please let me know you’ve got my best wiches.
    Love you hun :*

  12. Patrice says:

    I’ve been looking for a list of all of your books, but I cannot seem to find them. I know some of them are up on Amazon, Ive bought most, but I cant seem to find the rest. Can you list them all? I would greatly appreciate it!

  13. Patrice says:

    the only list I see is the mailing list. either im looking over or im just blind.

  14. Patrice says:

    your website just rearranged everything, I have found the list. thank you sorry for my stupidity!

  15. Patrice says:

    well thank you, I appreciate it! I found them or most of them anyways!

  16. ella says:

    Hi ‘s jordan just wanted to know when you are going to finish the spitfire series

  17. Patrice says:

    Hello, again its Stupidity lol. Are you releasing a book/s this month?

  18. Patrice says:

    Ill try not too and alrighty!

  19. Novia says:

    I love your books I love the way you make the alpha males be real men. I love how they love their women. When will your next solider book come out. Connor is my favorite book so far I think.

  20. Rylie says:

    Hey I love your books! Just wondering if you plan on doing any more books in the pregnancy affair series?

  21. Jadelyn Cinn says:

    Just an FYI – “Connor” does not appear on the Amazon Jordan Silver’s page.

    Another question – one of your readers referred to a book called “Lust” on the Amazon Discussion. I do not see this book as part of your book list. Was it renamed?

  22. I LOVE your books! Conner is one of my favorites…please tell me there will be more books about Seal Team Seven. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Mel says:

    Love ur writing n all the hot alpha males! Hope that ur next book is on the seal team, who’s after Connor? When can we expect ur next book out??

  24. Scarlet says:

    Hi, Jordan! I was wondering if you a definite release date on the book Talon? Also, I enjoyed reading most of your books especially The Lyons & The Best friend’s daughter. Can’t wait for Talon’s release and you are really an amazing author.

  25. coolmo72 says:

    I have read all your books and I love them all. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. You are an awesome author. Keep up the great work.

  26. sorhijab says:

    Hi just finished “Soldier’s Lady” that book was GREAT, like REALLY GREAT !! my fav’ !!! (yup that book took Lyon’s Crew place !!

    “How can you love, if you don’t love yourself…” bloody brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Stephanie says:

    Thank you. I already read Talon’s Heart. Super grateful I had the day off today. The perfect reward for working 9 out of the last 10 days. Please keep up the good work. You have a fan. May you have many blessing’s of abundance to you and to yours.

  28. SO says:

    When is the next seal team coming out? Can’t wait

  29. lori says:

    I just read Talon’s Heart. I loved the Idea of a tibetan mastiff. I will be waiting for your next work. ( I’m going to read again the sweetest revenge while I wait)

  30. jordansilver says:

    Dee Dee Dee smh I’ll have to think about it

  31. Ket says:

    The first book I read of yours was Stryker and I loved it! After that I was hooked. I had finally found an author that writes the hero’s the way I loved. Just finished reading Talon’s heart and I could not put it down. Just a thought…please continue to write books like Dangerously in love, Talon’s heart, The soldier’s lady etc…Always a fan!

  32. Amy Eannuzzo says:

    I agree with Dee, I repeatedly read The Lyon series and I would always love another peek into their lives. Even if it were thru another characters story…like Jared, or how about Colt and Kats daughter, CaitieBears, love story? That would be great!

  33. LilMac27 says:

    Dear Jordan, I love reading your books, it saddens me that peoples comments seem to have affected what you write or put out. I know that for myself I don’t always get into what someone else might but I don’t think that means that anyone should say negative things about it. I hope that you continue to write from what comes naturally to you. Please keep your head up no matter what other say or write, and true fans will enjoy your books. I know for myself they have been a great escape from stress and chemo treatments. When you are sitting there it is nice to sink into the world of the lyons or even the pregnancy affairs. I know that you have made me smile on many occasions when I didn’t feel like it, so I want to thank you for that and wish you all the best. Thank you again for providing and escape from it all.

  34. Marie says:

    I just wanted to say I LOVE your books. You are one of my favorite writers that I buy every book. I really love the way you tell a story, please don’t change your writing style it’s one of the things that makes your stories so good. My husband always knows when I’m reading one of your books because I laugh out loud or I have a smirk on my face as I read. I’m eagerly waiting for the next ones to come out. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the negative nancy’s .

  35. Sabrina says:

    I’ve just recently started reading you books and I absolutely love them. Where do you get your inspiration? I know women say that they like to in charge but every once in a while we like a man who can take care of what’s his and not apologize for doing it. I love your Alpha men. Keep on writing such great stories. And if no one has said it then I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

  36. marie5 says:

    Hi I can’t find “the gambler” anywhere ! What happened to it? Love

  37. Theresa Lake says:

    How is Rebound coming along? When will it be released I’ve been watching B&N, Amazon and Smashword but thing so far?

  38. Sarah says:

    OMG have just finished reading Rebound lllooovvvveeedddd it!! I wish there are more Steele men in the series or follow up stories on their children…anyway keep up the great work Jordan can’t wait for the next book

  39. coolmo72 says:

    I just finish reading Rebound. It was an awesome story I loved it it was so good you a Rock girl keep up the great work can’t wait for your next book to come out.

  40. ashley says:

    please where is the gambler ? love

  41. Ket says:

    Loved rebound! Can’t wait until havenhurst comes out…any idea when

  42. candace says:

    Talon’s Heart is the best Jordan Silver book ever!

  43. Joyce says:

    Love them all. Just re-read Stryker. It was my first. I nice little follow up or sequel would be nice. Any chance a new Seal coming out soon?

  44. Janet says:

    Would you consider writing a sequel to The Third Wife whereby we get Sharon and Arlene’s POV? Just wondered about the physical side to Cody’s marriage to each of these wives.

  45. Maleka Chester says:

    When are we getting the next team 7 book?

  46. Krystan says:

    Do you know when Man of Steel will be published? I can’t wait to read it.

  47. Jess says:

    I love your book!!!!!!!! I think I check amazon everyday for a new book.

  48. Jessica says:

    when do you think you will release Havenhurst??? I read Man of Steel Last night. Another great one. I have read them all ! and I do mean ALL!!!!

  49. Jessica says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo

  50. Kristin says:

    take your time. sometimes you have to sit back and think on it to get it the way you want it. When you rush, that’s when accidents happen. Hence the letters I sent out to client’s last night. WHOOPS

  51. jessica says:

    Have u ever considered a one woman more than one man book. U have done the three woman one man. Just asking .

  52. jadelyncinn says:

    Personally, not a fan of mmf action. I don’t just walk away from those books, I run away. I luv the possessive alpha and wanting the 1 woman for just him alone…

    • jordansilver says:

      Selfish smh just plain selfish lol

      • Giovanni says:

        Me either, I love that you have the man in love with one woman and only wanting that one woman. Most women want a take charge man in the bedroom and out the bedroom. They want to make sure his only concern is for his lady and family. Good job on all ur book.

  53. Jessica says:

    ok . just asking.

  54. rae says:

    do you have an idea of how many books you are gonna come out with this year. and what series is coming next

  55. jessica says:

    Loved daughter in law. I was iffy about it because of a woman being the main attraction. Glad I read it. ……..IN ONE SITTING . Loved it lady

  56. jordansilver says:

    Ahahahahahahaha nice pitch butterfly thanks for reading and enjoying

  57. jessica says:

    Havenhurst! Havenhurst! Havenhurst

  58. Brigitt S. says:

    Been The Biggest Fan for 2 months now !!! Wooooo !! Love all the books ….will you be writing another ” Connor seal team seven ” book ? PLEASE SAY YESS!!!!!

  59. rae says:

    can you tell me please are you going to write more books in your other series, besides the seal teams. I understand Havenhurst is coming out soon. im glad.

  60. lizette says:

    Ok as you know I love all your books, but please hurry, I want curves, rough riders, havenhurst, Tyler, and all the others that I got little snippets of on Facebook, also is Jason gonna be a book?? I can’t help it tell your husband no more salon lol we want your books, I also saw little comments that you Made about what other people said about passion book 2, and I say eff…. them it was a great book….but please I need more!!!!

  61. Karen says:

    Hi Jordan when is there going to be another book about seal team seven I loved conner

  62. Sharon says:

    Just a quick thank you for the Book Sale on Amazon. I was able to pick up a few books before it was over! I wouldn’t mind another sale…say around the Winter Holidays! I have enjoyed every book I have read of yours so far and plan on checking in on a regular basis to see what you have to offer.

  63. bee says:

    hi…i have been trying to wait (patiently) for Sassy Curves to appear on KOBO’s book list, but it hasn’t appeared to date..do u happen to know when it may? thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Kaisa says:

    Love your books and your writing style. I can’t wait to read more. Will you be publishing anymore books in the Mancini way storyline? I absolutely think you have another winner in this one. I hope you will continue to write about Zane and Cierra’s journey.

  65. Linda says:

    I enjoy your books, I look on amazon every day for any new ones. Cool to see two today, just finished the thug and loved it. Keep them alpha males coming.

  66. Stacy Vang says:

    Hello there! First off, I just want to remain you how much you are love by all of your fans. We love your work and we are always constantly hungry for more! Secondly, we love the fact that you have new books being release everyday. Well, not literally everyday, but enough to keep your readers coming back for more. UGH! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR BOOKS! Third, I can’t wait for the fourth book of Mouth, and many of your others. All your fans are looking forward to seeing new books and we can’t wait! So, please continue doing what you are doing and please reduce our torture by waiting too long for your books! We also love the fact that you don’t leave us waiting too long for a book like other authors. Because we could not have enough of you! Keep up the great work and we ALL LOVE your work! ;D

    • jordansilver says:

      Hello butterfly and thank you very much for that, thank you for reading and enjoying and I’ll try to feed my butterflies their smut crack as fast as I can lol

      • Camillia Davids says:

        Sometimes if u go to jordan silver page and click on new release it will have her new stuff with a link to amazon

  67. Lynn says:

    Just found one of it books on Amazon. “The Brit” . It came out on July 19, but I can’t even find it on it’ve website. Just wondering why that is.

  68. tanzanite says:

    Mrs. Jordan when is Rough Rider coming out? I read “The Bastard” this morning and in dire need of my alpha male fix! Wait I think I want “Kicking and Screaming” first. Yep that will do, thank you very much!

  69. Debbie says:

    I just found out that you have other books that I had no idea about. i’m new to facebook (like just hit the air new). I just about lost my @#$!! mind. My question to you Mrs. Silver, is, Rough Rider, Killer, kicking and Screaming, WHEN, WHEN, WHEN. I have bought everyone I could find, read them all, need more. Your books are my drug of choice. Don’t judge me

    • jordansilver says:

      Lol thanks for reading I’m not sure what’s next I have The Gambler, Killer, Kicking and Screaming, yada yada yada

    • Logan Fox says:

      Rough rider is available on Amazon.com. the best way is to do a search on your kindle under jordan’s name and purchase Rough Rider and The Killer from there. I could not even locate Kicking and Screaming by paperback so it is either not published yet or is no longer in print of any kind. ROugh Rider and The Killer are available in paperback or on your kindle. None of these are available for Nook. Hope that info helps.

  70. Claudia A Cobb says:

    I love your books would like to read each and every one. How do I get to read them?

  71. Sharon says:

    Hello Jordan when will you release Catch me if you can part two. By the way I love all your books, I had just finished reading The killer it’s Funtastic..

  72. Tirashia says:

    Just started reading Killer Baby Boy 3. I am in love with this Alpha. Please keep the books conning. Thank you for your hard work pin these books. Keep writing and I will keep buying. Smile

  73. coolmo72 says:

    Just finish reading all 3 books of Bad Boys I love them all. I love the Alpha male in all the books. I have read all your books and love them all. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. You are AWESOME GIRL. YOU ROCK!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. bookwarm29 says:

    I was rereading my little books of erotica tales and at the end it had coming soon the family. Is this a book you are working on? Is their going to be a prequel to billionaire fetish. I want to know in more detail how they meet.

  75. wmlfoxy says:

    I love all your books Jordan! Please convince your publisher to make all of them available for the nook. It is really annoying when they are only available for the kindle. Really frustrating for me but seriously it affects your bottom line. Tomorrow I’m headed to B and Noble to go old school and buy what I can in paperback.

    Your MC club books are funny and accurate. I speak from experience my dad was a Pagan. Granted those guys could be serious outlaws but to this day if I were to need anything they would do whatever it takes. I’ll never forget how my gradeschool principal paddled me for something I did not do and boy did he regret it. My pop never paddled me so he was PISSED. Three of his boys went to my school and gave that principal a paddle of his own and then sent him through his office window. The cherry on top – they forced him to admit his mistake in front fo my entire school and let him know it was in his best interest to give me a public appology. When he balked he was informed that he was to be humiliated like he had me. I was five and they literally held him while I kicked him in the ass repeatedly infront of the entire school. I evev missed and went a bit too far front once or twice. I made the wimp cry. In closing the guys let the staff know that I was never to be touched again for any reason or they would be back. That douche principle was also told he’d get a fresh visit if he cried to the police. They scared the shit out of him. It rocked. I never loved those guys more than I did that day. Those guys could be really rough and scary but they had hearts of gold and treated me like a princess.

    Keep writing Jordan. I will buy it all.

  76. Susan says:

    Finished the gambler tonight…AWESOME When is bad boys 4 and Tyler Seal Team 7 coming?

  77. victoria says:

    I have the Nook – I would love to have each story available more timely – whatever you could do to make that happen – I know I and others would be very appreciated – I love your style my fav is Lyon series – but Passion comes a very close second and I enjoyed Connor very much too – so yes I am a fan! please have all your books available to us on Nook!

  78. Stacy says:

    The gambler was a wonderful read! It was outstanding how you wrote this one a differently. Overall, I enjoyed the gambler. Such innocence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Stacy says:

    I was wondering if you are still continuing the spitfire series? I really want to know what happen at the end and how it ended. Please let us know if you will be continuing the spitfire series. Thanks!

  80. Alliecat says:

    Will there be a book on cat and Lyon daughter

  81. Sharon says:

    Good morning I just preorder the billionaire & the pop star I can’t wait to read it….

  82. Linda says:

    I pre ordered the billionaire and pop star. Nice that we can, I won’t miss any new ones this way.

  83. bookwarm29 says:

    Can farm girl br pres ordered?

  84. sharon01blog says:

    I also pre order pop star & it’s on my kindel, that makes life easier

  85. Joanne Long says:

    Just finished The billionaire and the pop star. As always you never disappoint can’t wait for your next release.

  86. Francia borja says:

    When is Book 4 of the Spitfire Series coming out?

  87. sharon01blog says:

    Will there be a new book soon

  88. Hi!! I was wondering when ILLICIT would be out? I loved the sample, I keep reading it over and over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. sharon01blog says:

    Hello Jordan thank you for the new book just purchase it

  90. sharon01blog says:

    Wow amazing well done just finish reading love it

  91. Kimberly says:

    Love your books just wish that they would come out more often on Barnes and Noble as I have a Nook. Still waiting for about 6 of your books to be available on B&N in ebook format. I have put in soooo many requests for the ebook format.

  92. sharon01blog says:

    Jordan will you release farm girl soon

  93. Tracie says:

    Its not twitting, I meant writing my bad.

  94. kandace says:

    Will you be releasing the second book in the Seal Team 7 series anytime soon??? Loved the 1st!!!

  95. nicole says:

    When will farmgirl be available on the kindle?

  96. lee says:

    Do you have any idea when you will be releasing farm girl and illicit?

  97. Jean says:

    Will there be a sequel to Catch Me If You Can? There has to be!!! It cannot just end there. Please let us know.

  98. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so happy I found your books. You’re the best!

  99. Joyce says:

    Just finished Night Visitor. Funny and sexy. The way I love my men and my books.

  100. Jackie Fontenot says:

    I read Eden High Book 2 last night, and when I went to leave a review, it said I had already reviewed. I did some research, and it looks like it has pulled reviews from Book 1 and is showing them on book 2.

  101. Annette says:

    I just saw that Bk 3 Eden High is available for pre-order. You’re amazing. I shall not whine for more for a bit, ok maybe a week. Did I mention that I really enjoyed Farm Girl? It was just what I needed. Stay awesome & keep writing…

  102. Jessica says:

    Waiting patiently on Illicit………oh when oh when my favorite author in the whole world will u be setting it free…..I’ll be ur best friend. Yep not above kissin ass!!!!!

  103. Annette says:

    Yeah, so it’s officially 10/19 & Amazon still has Eden High bk 3 as pre-order. Augh!!

  104. Annette says:

    Ok, why do feel like Cassandra’s storyline in Eden High is going to break my heart? I’m loving Belle & Jared, can’t wait for their courtship.

  105. Kathy says:

    Not begging (but really I am) … when can we pre-order Eden High 4 and Anarchist 2? I just love your books. Thank you for being such a great and creative writer.

  106. eva says:

    I am a new reader of your books. I am so loving Eden High. How many books will be in this serie and how soon are the books release after each?

  107. melissa says:

    I haven’t heard anything lately about when you are releasing Illicit. is it going to be before the end of the year? Thanks
    P.S. I understand your putting out new series or two and will keep reading those but am still waiting for Illicit to come out too ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. lizette says:

    I can’t see anything :”(

  109. Tracie says:

    So I just finished reading book 4 of Eden High, it was fantastic. Can I get a spoiler alert on book 5, what’s going on with Cass? How many books is this going to be?
    Keep writing you are great (in my toni the tiger voice.)

  110. Katarina says:

    Jordan, I found your series Eden High when searching for new books to read on my kindle. I am really drawn to this series. When will you be releasing book 5 . . . I have a friend at work who I have also shared this series with. The anticipation is almost too much and this book was released today.

  111. Angie says:

    Alright Mrs. Silver you with this Anarchist series and Eden High I’m a need you to give a little more the thirty pages at a time. You got me going with two series at the same time, you suppose to love me, I’m suppose to be your little butterfly….still love you to pieces, keep up the good work!!!!!

  112. melissa says:

    HEY Mrs. Silver!!! CONGRATS on number 1 best seller for Anarchist 3!!!

  113. julissa cabral says:

    You are the best most wonderful GIVING and greatful author and person in the world. I love you so much. Please never stop being the most wow i dont even have words. I can even say how much i love ALL your fantastic work. Every person i have recommended to read your work still thank me for the heads up. Im so greatful to have stumble upon your books in amazon. I cant even say what i would have been reading now but i know a piece would be missing since your books have everything i love in my books. Thank you. I am sad to see this series end but know God willing you have so many more stupendous book coming our way.

  114. Stacy Vang says:

    Jordan, book 6 of Eden high was torture! I felt so bad for Cassandra. Poor girl! I loath her father for being stupid! Other than that, are you going to give Cassandra a wonderful, erotic, romance story?? I just feel that she deserve something great. We are all looking forward to reading more of your wonderful work and hopefully soon. Also, I am dying to see what happen in anarchist. When is the next book going to be out?? I can’t wait!

  115. jessica says:

    So I’m going through some major withdrawals up here in Alaska. Am holding tight to next week but Damn it can’t come fast enough. Ugggg just thought I would drop you a line and say “your freaks are getting a little feisty here” ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Morgan Taylor says:

    I am ready for Spitfire 4!!! When’s the release date?!

  117. Tiffany says:

    I love you has a writer. You have the gift to make the characters real and believable. I really hope that you start writing whole books again. I hate series books. I will read your books, but will only read it when the complete books are don’t.

  118. Felicia Maurile says:

    Hey Jordan a while ago I saw that you were going to release a interracial themed book. I was just wondering if its coming next year.

  119. Crystal says:

    When does book 7 of Eden High come out?? Love the books but the suspense is killing me!!

  120. FoxyLady says:

    When will you be doing the rest of Eden High I really enjoyed reading 1-6 would like to read the rest can’t wait…

  121. April says:

    Love you..Love you…I’ve been reading for many years..but the day I came across one of your books..I didn’t realize what I had been missing. ..I knew I was craving something More ..from the male characters in the books I’ve read but never could find “that” book…oh but then ….STRYKER happened…No more needs to be said. I’m hooked!

  122. Lena says:

    Hi! First, I love your books! Yet I was reading Stryker and I’ve noticed that in many of your books you write “in the worse way.” It’s acutally written “in the worst way.” I say this with the utmost respect. Grammatical errors are a fact of life.

    I truly enjoy your books and always find myself coming back to them. They have this raw energy that I haven’t seen in erotic literature in a while. While other books are erotic they don’t have this emphatic push of emotion portrayed by many of your characters. You capture a readers attention from the first sentence which is very rare. Best of luck with your literary endeavors.

  123. Stacy Vang says:

    Jordan, is there any more of your books coming out soon? I finished your latest one and I am extremely hungry for more! Please, oh PLEASE, give us more!

  124. lynned66 says:

    Hi! I would like to know since Kicking and Screaming is finished, will it be published anytime soon?

  125. Raagveen Kaur says:

    When are u going to complete the spitfire series? ??

  126. Tracie says:

    Jordan silver, I’ve become a fb stalker now. I love it. So thanks so much for giving into my begging, MOUTH is coming back. O how I love you. And also the stories on there are fanfreakintastic.

  127. Annette says:

    Oh you wonderful, wonderful, sneaky woman! Love, love the tidbits that you’ve been posting on FB. Thanks so much for making this empty nest holiday bearable, my dear.

  128. abbu says:

    Love your work. My all time favorite book is The Brit. Please keep them coming.

  129. Annette says:

    Seriously, Jordan? Thanks to your devious brilliance, I am now completely obsessed with what you will be releasing next. I never knew how exhausting cyberstalking could be, until you & your little “sneak peeks”. While they have saved the lives of several family members, I need more…Oh yeah, happy holidays, love ya!

  130. Gertie says:

    Love the new year surprises you are back on top form. Bretts little headaches and kicking and screaming have made a great start to the new year. Happy New Year to You and Yours

  131. louwil67 says:

    Captains Lady and the mouth my faves thus far

  132. Dawn G says:

    I just finished reading kicking and screaming and I love it, I couldn’t put it down. I am going on amazon to find more of your books.

  133. Maria says:

    Love all your books.

  134. Celeste says:

    when are you going to write the follow up to the Mancini Way? I loved that book too but needs an encore, I bought all tour books on amazon.ca and need more, way more, pleeeeeeeezzzze

  135. Sweetie says:

    Please bring more virgin heroines……^_^

  136. rebecca says:

    Oh boy oh boy. I absolutely loved the four books you released this January. But I have to tell you that “Kicking and Screaming” is my favorite. Maxie is a riot. She’s my kind of people that’s for sure. She reminds me of somebody… oh yeah me. Lol.

  137. Beth says:

    When will season 2 of the anarchist be out. I loved the first series!

  138. wendy says:

    Love your books… just wish some of them were a little longer……Some books you can wait to finish, but yours I hate to see end… love your writing style

  139. victoria says:

    Others may try – but they ain’t just you! your funny, sexy, depth of characters and fresh plots/twists/turns – with foundational of alpha male -possessive, obsessive, jealous, territorial – yeah! those are my fav! with sassy/smart/quiet/funny/klutzy heroines are the best – look forward to this upcoming year

  140. Angie says:

    I hope this is the right spot now!!! Please I need that card…

  141. linda says:

    Please can u tell us when the next anarchist and eden high books will be out I just love all your books check online everyday for any new release please keep them coming

  142. Cheryl Pickett says:

    How do you decide which books are part of kindle unlimited? I read the prequel for Taking what he wants; but the next book is not part the program. Just a question.

  143. Debbie says:

    Jordan. I love your books. They help me Destress after a hectic week. I just finished Conner Seal team 7. Are you going to continue the series? Please say yes

    I have read all the book you have that are available on kindle

    I look forward to more

  144. melissa says:

    So I just have to ask….I went on facebook first time ever (dont like it) but its easier to stalk…..) any way you have a lot going on do you even sleep? Love the new install of Eden and cant wait for some new stuff but it will come when it comes. Thanks for all the good books to read I am rereading some that I have had for a while and still enjoy them all ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a good day and I hope you get some much needed rest……

  145. elisabeth coleman says:

    Why!!!!! Can’t I get all!! Your books on kindle??? I am waiting for the next of eden high!!!

  146. Linda says:

    Hi Jordan, I was wondering if after Eden and Anachrist are done you will have them on Amazon and not only free on here. I like to buy and own all you books.

  147. christine says:

    I also have read all your books I love them but will you continue the series of Conner the seal team 7

  148. Kerryann says:

    gd evenin! First I’d like to say that I think your writing is fantastic and I’m always eagerly anticipating your next story โ˜บ๏ธ I did wonder what happened to a book I read of yours but I’m uncertain of its title, I thought it was taken. Where a young woman trespasses on this rather domineering mans land and after trapping her he decides to keep her. But it doesn’t match takens description when I searched online. I was wondering if the title changed or I’m thinking of a different book. I saw it on scribed but I couldn’t buy it on amazon for some reason. Can’t wait for the villain!!

  149. geegee494 says:

    Jordan silver I love the way your mind works. Every book I’ve read of your keeps me wanting more. Keep them coming!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Ericka says:

    I was just wondering if The 4th book in the Spitfire series was out and I missed it and also the second part to Conner

  151. Hayley says:

    Hi Jordan, me and my sister are massive fans of your books. We love your alpha men!!! We Absolutely loved Connor and were wondering if you were planning to follow up with the rest of Connors team with more books and when that might be? Thanks Hayley n Nic. X x

  152. cendy says:

    I simply love all your books I’ve got the sister and daughters all booked on them we all look forward to each new book thank you for not changing your writing style

  153. Veronica says:

    Ms Silver you are my guilty pleasure. You somehow have the ability to put all my crazy fantasies into your fabulous stories. You make reading fun and enjoyable again. Keep up the good work. Writing is hard work.

  154. Katarina says:

    Hi. In the last few weeks I’ve read a few of your eBooks. They were recommended in GoodReads by some friends. Your stories are very refreshing (outside of the clichรฉ storyline so overused nowadays). Also it’s new, to me, to see the alpha male not only possessive but to the extreme where he will end those that have hurt his beloved – that kind of devotion is awesome to see – extreme but awesome! Also, many times, I seem to only read the HEA fiction from the female’s point of view – it’s enlightening to read his point of view instead. Thank you for your stories – my brother will continue to tease me for being attached to my e-reader for the next few weeks now it seems! – Katarina.

  155. BookJunkie says:

    I saw a few comments you made about loosing your drive. I’m not sure if this will help but… after a long drawn out day at work and listening to everyone’s problems, concerns, complaints, your books make me smile, laugh, roll my eyes and lighten my day. I do not care if someone else thinks your books are not “politically correct”. I do not care if they feel your books would be cited by the “grammer police”.

    I do not care how anyone else feels because it’s very simple. No one is forcing them to read your books. No one is forcing them to be your fan. You have fans who are loyal, who patiently (mostly) wait for your new releases, who appreciate the hard work and effort you give to your books. We appreciate you and thank you for being you! There is always someone who doesn’t like, recognize, admire, or accept anything, anyone, or any thought that does not match their own.

    Well good for them! They can live in their narrow minded world and be happy there. Leave those of us who feel differently, live differently, or act differently alone.

    One last thought. Your books are works of fiction. Plain and simple. They allow your readers to escape reality, which is often depressing and stressful.

    Thank you for all you do! Don’t give up.

  156. Nyx says:

    Setting expectations: when should i look for the spitfire edition ” the family”

  157. samantha says:

    Hi Jordan… First I have to say your the bomb. I stumbled upon your books and love them. I just read Catch me if you can. Loved this book, will or is there a second one ? Please keep up the great work and allowing me to always find my happy place reading your books.

  158. Marcia Sinclair says:

    I love your books. When is Spitfire Book 4 being released

  159. Marianne Wentworth-Walker says:

    I really love your books and the varied stories–love those alpha males(steam comes from my ageing ears)!!!

  160. aimee says:

    i love your books! i think i’ve read about 64 of them! i just looove your bad boys series!

  161. Kathy says:

    I just finished “The Gambler”. Loved it. It deserves 10 stars! Very well thought out characters and plot. Thanks for a very entertaining read.

  162. candice says:

    Wow what to say I love your books your writing style all you alpha male stories are thrilling to read and keep me much entertained ๐Ÿ˜‰ can’t wait for more…. One of ur biggest fans xoxo

  163. candice says:

    wow I love your books hot alpha males jealous and possessive are my favorite I have tried to find other authors like u I’m sad to say but none could leave me breathless and unable to put a book down until I finished it like urs I reread the ones I have until u release another ….ur pregnancy affair books were hot and I fell in love with Connor I think I could tell u everything I love about all ur book … P.s. want some more alpha biker love soon …. One of ur biggest fans xoxo

  164. Virginia says:

    Thanks for starting your books on audible. I just downloaded Lyon’s Crew.

  165. Daisy says:

    Hello Jordan.

    I’m buying the book you wrote as AD Jordan. I hope it will be a good read. I’ve loved & read most of your books except Eden High series, Anarchist series, all the bad boys books even though I already bought them, the only books I don’t like are: The Wives and The Third Wife. I love menage mfm, but not about this kind of society, not nice for the concubines.

  166. Katarina says:

    Hi there, new fan here:
    I just finished reading “Brett’s Little Headaches” and “His Secret Child” recently. I really want to thank you for the amazing writing when voicing the male protagonist’s point of view. There are other male alpha characters from other fiction I’ve read that just come off being jerks re: their ‘alpha’ traits but these two characters clearly show their own fears, vulnerabilities and sense of fierce protectiveness … making their actions clearly understandable. And holy hanna are they funny too – the scenes when Brett was talking about his frustrations when at his children’s delivery were priceless – I laughed.
    Moving on to your next books now … You do great stuff. Katarina.

    • jordansilver says:

      Hahaha hello Katarina, welcome and thanks for reading, did you read my Katarina, in The Lyon series? Lol there should be some snippets on this blog, look for Lyon the next generation. Have fun reading butterfly

  167. Love your stories! I have read all of them and can’t wait for more. I really can’t wait for the next Mancini’s Way! I hope you are doing fabulous and keep your creative juices flowing! Hugs and Love!

  168. Shelley says:

    Wanted to just say I LOVE your stories can’t read them fast enough! Lol. Thank you for sharing their worlds with us;) can’t wait for the next updates on anarchist, Lyon, and of course Eden High!

  169. Kat lowery says:

    I love your books! I think I have them all,lol I just finished the bad boy and soccer mom! Omg thank you lol Bretts headaches,sassy,and the daughter in law,what a man wants and I know you have saved my life or least my ex’s lol your revenge is priceless! Thank you for giving me a HEA.

  170. Diana Rising says:

    I love your books. Your write the best hot alpha hunks and bad boys and the sex is hot! I can’t name all of your books as my favorite, yet, but that is because I haven’t managed to read them all, yet. But I’m working on it. So far, I especially loved The Brit, Bret’s Little Headaches, Everything Lyon,and so many more. I just purchased season 1 of Eden High and Talon’s Heart — I’m so looking forward to them. Please keep writing exactly how you write!

  171. Chris says:

    When Conner “Seal Team Seven” book2 Will be publish ? Really wants to know what happen of Conner & Danielle(^.^) Chris from Hong Kong

  172. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the update on the new story that you are working on. When finished it’s going to be a ten, I can’t wait for you to finish so that I can get it

  173. Bridget says:

    When are more of seal team 7 coming?! The wait is killing me! Love your books!!

  174. linda wilson says:

    when will next installment of th mancini way be out?

  175. Lois Price says:

    I just read all 3 of your seal team seven books in one sitting . Amazing books ! When are will there be more books in the series??

  176. Tessa says:


  177. gertie says:

    You asked what we are looking for and what series to continue I love eden high and I want to see it continue to fruition but for me anarchist doesnt do it. (I am not critising this is just personal to me) I want full stories, these to me are what you excell at. Talons heart, the billionaire, lyons crew, dangerously in love passion etc. I read everything that you write but always read these constantly. I hope this helps. By the way the photo of you and yours rocks.

  178. I love and adore your work!
    truly an inspiration! Can’t wait for new releases!

  179. Avid Ebook Reader says:

    Thank you for writing books with virgin heroines and alpha males! They’re my kind of books. Keep up the good work.

  180. Joy says:

    I need more Seal Team Seven. I had the day by myself and read the first three books. LOVE!!! I don’t want to sound whiny but please hurry. My husband thanks you, he will have a very good night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  181. Amy says:

    Just finished reading all 3 Of Seal Team Seven and can’t wait for more. I love these guys already.

  182. Dee says:

    Just recently found you and love the Seal Team 7 stories. When will the next ones be released? Can’t wait!

  183. Shaunuah says:

    I read The Soldier’s Lady and absolutely LOVED IT!!!! I then read all of the available Seal Team seven books and the entire Eden High series plus the first book series 2. And that was in one week!!!!!

  184. ernestine dixon says:

    Loved the soccer mom bad boy
    Waiting on the next series eden high to see the endi

  185. Cannot get enough of your books LOVE them all

  186. Nasreen Lone says:

    Loved all your books that I have read but my favourite is the Seal Team 7 series. I can’t wait for the next one.

  187. aimee says:

    i have 84 ebooks/publications of your writings.all i need to read are the “third wife”,thr wives, and cathch me if you can. . where can i find them? they are not available in amazon.

    • Giovanni says:

      They are on Amazon just type in Jordan silver catch me if you can it will come u I just tred it for u. I get all her books off of amazon and all of them r on there

  188. Dawne says:

    I just finished reading Tryst and it rocked! Please tell me you are considering a book about Crystal. It would really be interesting to see how Gabe handled his pumpkin being in love especially with a hot older tattooed rich alpha bad boy!

  189. Denise C. says:

    I read the three Seal Team Seven in not quite two days and now I am going through withdrawal. I usually wait to read any type of series until I have all the books but I’ve read so many of your other books and went through withdrawal with that so I had to start this series. I don’t know how I’m going to make it until the end of September for the fourth book. Is there any way you can finish the series this week????

  190. lily says:

    I love all your books, I’m your biggest fan..I was wonder if you going to finish the spit fire series?

  191. melissa says:

    you updated your web page this looks really nice!! cant wait for book on sun.

  192. Jackie Fontenot says:

    Wow! You have been busy! I love what you have done here!

  193. CELESTE says:

    I loved Tyler, I hope Cord is next soon, you are the best writer out there!!!

  194. Joyce says:

    A review on Amazon. Deep seal. It keeps getting better and better.

  195. Brina says:

    Will there be a 2nd part to catch me if you can? If so do you know when? I loved the first one but it can’t end like this.

  196. Samantha Johnson says:

    Just found your books, not ashamed to say I’ve been binge reading, you’ve got me waiting with bated breath for the next books in soo many series. Spitfire, Seal team seven (especially Quinn), the Mancini way, Eden high, the list goes on. Thank you for so many hours enjoyed.

  197. preethi says:

    MS. Silver,
    I have 750 books on kindle right now , and I like many other authors, but your are my most favorite and the only one I ever write to and I want you not know that your books help me to escape my daily misery and get through the hard times. So, I hope to keep reading your books as you keep writing. Looking forward to more of your wonderful work. Thank you.

  198. Leann says:

    Miss Jordan I just wanted to say you have my 100% support. I used to be an indie author myself but gave up publishing several years ago, the last straw was when a “reviewer” started a campaign against me going so far as to make comments about my ability as a mother. What people do not realise is the impact your words have to a person, if you want to make constructive criticism on the work most artists will appreciate the feedback just be careful you are not steeping over the line. Authors from publishing houses have a team behind them to combat these trolls, the only ones to go to bat for indie author are the handful of dedicated fans they have. To be told you are worthless just because you don’t give half your earnings to a publishing house can be soul destroying!!!

  199. Eva says:

    Is season two book 2 available for anarchist? Can’t find it anywhere

  200. Amber Larco says:

    Tagged on my FB. amber_larco

  201. Cedes says:

    Why is BIkers BAbygirl not listed as kindle unlimited like your other books?

  202. Anna says:

    I already wait for another one. Hoping it would be something along the highschool/college theme or maybe some humour like Sassy Curves? I adore those by Ms. Silver, rereading them over and over again. I love your pen, Ms Silver, its witty and bold. Good luck to all the indie authors.

  203. Zoe Pylon says:

    When will the Spitfire Series be finished? Book tgree showed a sample if book 4 but nothing is available.

  204. Jillian Johnson says:

    Just started reading your books and absolutely love them. The Lyon’s series is one I will keep. Love your writing. My question to you is will you write more Mancini books. “Catch Me if You Can” just leaves you hanging and I want to know their story. Thanks!

  205. Michelle says:

    Is there a list somewhere that shows what order to read your books.

  206. Arnie says:

    Good day! I love reading your books…full of sass, wit and humor and protective men…can’t wait for new releases.

  207. Terrie says:

    could you tell me where I can buy the 4th book in The Spitfire Series The Family
    Kindle Edition.

  208. atiya noor says:


  209. grace says:

    I just want you to know that though you are my most favorite author, if an opportunity presented itself for me to get a hold of that New book (from the vengeful husbands series) straight from your computer at this moment, I would.
    ….it’s not right to tease like that!
    Now I have to make do with your other books that I’ve read countless time’s already

  210. Lizzy says:

    Hi! I just love your books and I’ve read time and again and it still remains one of the best books I have in my collection. Your story are always interesting and thrilling. It’s one of the reason I love your books! I know it’s a bit late but The Mancini Way, does it have a second book? Thank you! I wish you have a good day!

    • not yet, no one liked the first one so i wasn’t gonna write another, but since i’ve been getting request i’ve decided to do it

      • Heather says:

        That is great to hear. I was wondering if you were going to continue the books. The first one left me wanting more. Especially since he is in some of the other stories.

  211. Diana says:

    Mama butterfly, i love you to the moon and back. Each one of your books are my fantasies come true. They make me soooo incredibly happy. And i love the endings. Makes me tear up with joy. I just love the alpha males and their innocent other halves. Please write more in the epilogue, with the babies and stuff. It’ll make it so much more beautif. I’ve read almost all your books and i eagerly await every new release. Just wanted you to know, you’re awesome and keep doing what you’re doing. Loads of love

  212. Debi says:

    I love your books and have read almost all of them. I see the preview for Anarchist on the site and am anxiously awaiting this book to come out. Any idea when it might be released?
    I love the whole combining the books from Lyon’s series, Bikers Babygirl, The Seals, and Anarchist. I am always checking for a new release to continue the saga! Love it!!

  213. Fiona says:

    Hi Mama Butterfly, miss your powerful presence on line. Hope you doing well.

  214. Jackie says:

    Yeah!! Thanks for the update for Lawton and The Anarchist bunch!! As I have said more times than I am sure either of us can count…. MORE!

  215. Linda Paget says:

    Brilliant, I love the Eden High series. Thank you for update can’t wait for more.

  216. Tanya says:

    HELP, looking for the name of the book where it opens with the female character kissing her friend to prove there is nothing there. Her boyfriend sees and all hell breaks loose. Thanks in advance.

  217. BlueZee says:

    Will you be publishing the next installment in the Manchini Way? God, did I love that guy! Would love to read more about him!
    If you are by any chance publishing it anytime soon can you give a timeline!? I am waiting impatiently for the next update! Would looooove to read it!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Breana says:

    Hi Jordan! I’m looking forward to reading Lyons the next generation! I love escaping from my every day goings on into the fun, exciting world that your books allow me to enjoy!

  219. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Hi Mrs. Silver, I was just wanting to ask if you will be at the book signing affair in October 2016 in Nashville, TN? Thank you

  220. Zahra says:

    When is the release date for Eden High Series 2 Book 3?!?

  221. Adriana says:

    Love your books. They let me escape whatever is going on for a little while, they are my retreat.. Thank you

  222. Shay says:

    Hi I was wondering when your next book will be coming out I’m really looking forward to it

  223. Ayu says:

    Hi Jordan, I just read Catch Me If You Can. Could you tell me when the its sequel will be released?

  224. Carrie Gubish says:

    Can you tell me if you are going to put all the Lyon’s books on kindle unlimited. Some are and some are not.

  225. Ania says:

    Hello Mrs. Silver,
    I love Passion and Rebound and was wondering if you had written Nessa and Andrew’s story?

  226. Chaquera MIxon says:


    I was wondering if you could post the order in which to read to books that are involved in the flesh rag ring. So like the anarchists, bikers babygirl, seal team, man of steel, manicinis way, etc…I like to read things in order of sequence so I can follow it to its natural conclusion so this would help a lot. Thanks

    • Start with SEAL Team, 1-5 the others come in from Biker’s Baby Girl but you do not have to read those to follow the story line. The men in the room were Travis Mallory-Rough Riders, Blade-Man of Steel, Jake-Bad Boy, Law-Anarchist, Mancini- The Mancini Way, Colton Lyon-The Lyon Series (the story continues in Lyon’s Family) So, as of now it’s just the SEAL Team series, Biker’s Baby Girl, Anarchist, The Lyon’s Family and the next Mancini book Hold Me If You Can which isn’t out yet.

  227. Anthea says:

    Good day Ms Silver

    Not too sure if you received my earlier message, but i have not received a response as yet. If you have responded I apologize for sending again. I just want to know if you will be or have written a book for Julius, the brother in Dangerously in love.

  228. Tracey says:

    Can you tell us when the next seal-team book is coming out?

  229. Chaquera MIxon says:


    I was wondering if there was a chance you were going to write the story for Talons brother and his wife? I like the premise of the way the men are and the “curse” and I was just curious if his brother was going to have like a novella or something?

  230. Brittany says:

    I started off reading your books with “the biker’s babygirl” I was wondering since a few of your series seem to converge in this book, which series you would suggest to start with in order?

  231. Shay says:

    Hi Jordan,
    Just wondering if you were planning to write the stories of Elliot and Jonas from sex and marriage : my best friends daughter . I would really like to hear their stories.
    Also hoping there is another book out soon I really love all your work it brightens up my day

  232. Angel Admin J says:

    The Spawn of Satan needs to go. In case you didn’t already know this from my previous rants- SHES EVIL! Take her out from the gene pool before she breeds. My heart can’t take it anymore. I don’t care if she’s a little girl, I’m loading my gun, Jackie’s got her shovel and we are deep sixing this little demon. LOVE YOU!!! Toodles;) <3

    • whaaaaaaa I finally went to the post office please thank the butterfly for the CD and thank you for the card it’s beautiful I’ll try my tea in the morning, as to Mandy that would be child abuse lol

  233. Chaquera Mixon says:

    When will Quinn or Dev’s book be out

  234. Iโ€™ll right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  235. Lizzy says:

    Hi! It’s me, the one asking about The Mancini Way second book. I’ve just read the new release on the MC and OH MY God, did I just read about Mancini? Yay!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m really sorry, it’s just that I’ve been waiting for a Mancini comeback in whatever way. And really, I love all your alpha males, Mrs. Silver! I know some might say it’s weird to want alpha male in you life but seeing and experienced some horrible things what grown men did to me, with me being unwilling, when I’m not even out of high school can makes a person a bit crazy, I guess.
    I’m 18 now, even though it’s been a year since it stopped, it seems I’m still afraid of men but your books get me through things like two other authors do. Your alpha males character possesiveness and protectiveness makes me feel safe somehow even though it’s from a book character. Something that I wish I had in real world but that’s life. It’s hard to run the men who hurts me when they’re family. Yeah, it sucks to be me. Always on the alert, never gtting out. Except from reading. I’m looking forward for the next book! Have a good day, Mrs. Silver! Wish you happy and a good life.

    • I hope things get better for you butterfly all men aren’t monsters i hope you find your alpha

      • Lizzy says:

        Thank you, Mrs. Silver. It’s something that I hope so too. Some of the men I work with treats me like I’m their sister. It’s a big deal to me, proof that men aren’t all monster. I hope I’ll find my alpha too!

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