Hello my little butterflies I hope you enjoy whatever you find here.

52 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Love all your books. I found your books on amazon while searching for alpha male stories, yours are the Best. I anxiously await all your new releases.

  2. I really really love all your books!
    Although I’m bit afraid to read the 3rd wife (not really a fan in polygamy. huhu).
    Well. Looking forward for your new releases…Many many releases.
    So live long and well!

    Oh. Some suggestions. Hope you don’t mind.
    1. A step-sibling ‘forbidden’ love story.
    2. Mafia-nun steamy story. Not really a nun thou. Haha.

      1. I read both of them and love, love my alpha men, although I was hoping for more at the end on both books. Kind of like The Lyon’s Trilogy or My Best Friend’s Daughter.

  3. I have read every book that you have wrote until now, cant wait for your next story. However what happen with “Catch me if you can?”

  4. Hi Ms Silver
    I thought I read somewhere there would be story about Matt from passions? Is there a link available to read excerpt? Thank you.

  5. Hi my dear, maybe I’m a bit early but I wish you a really very Happy Birthday butterfly.
    Hope you’ll have your stressless year :)
    Please let me know you’ve got my best wiches.
    Love you hun :*

      1. Thanks my dear, you’ve made my day (it’ s a sunny one, so it must mean something, huh?).
        Have a wonderful birthday with love and happyness surrounding you and your family *sweet sweet kisses*

  6. I’ve been looking for a list of all of your books, but I cannot seem to find them. I know some of them are up on Amazon, Ive bought most, but I cant seem to find the rest. Can you list them all? I would greatly appreciate it!

  7. I love your books I love the way you make the alpha males be real men. I love how they love their women. When will your next solider book come out. Connor is my favorite book so far I think.

  8. Just an FYI – “Connor” does not appear on the Amazon Jordan Silver’s page.

    Another question – one of your readers referred to a book called “Lust” on the Amazon Discussion. I do not see this book as part of your book list. Was it renamed?

  9. Hi, Jordan! I was wondering if you a definite release date on the book Talon? Also, I enjoyed reading most of your books especially The Lyons & The Best friend’s daughter. Can’t wait for Talon’s release and you are really an amazing author.

      1. Gotta say… Been stalking this site for a while.
        You are the the total bomb. I love your work. Thank you.

  10. Hi just finished “Soldier’s Lady” that book was GREAT, like REALLY GREAT !! my fav’ !!! (yup that book took Lyon’s Crew place !!

    “How can you love, if you don’t love yourself…” bloody brilliant :D

      1. LUV your work! Especially the Lyon series….any chance you might do a Christmas update…hint, hint)…..

      2. Never!….I even reread the entire series last week…..your books provide the best distraction from a stressful job……

  11. Thank you. I already read Talon’s Heart. Super grateful I had the day off today. The perfect reward for working 9 out of the last 10 days. Please keep up the good work. You have a fan. May you have many blessing’s of abundance to you and to yours.

  12. I just read Talon’s Heart. I loved the Idea of a tibetan mastiff. I will be waiting for your next work. ( I’m going to read again the sweetest revenge while I wait)

  13. I agree with Dee, I repeatedly read The Lyon series and I would always love another peek into their lives. Even if it were thru another characters story…like Jared, or how about Colt and Kats daughter, CaitieBears, love story? That would be great!

  14. Dear Jordan, I love reading your books, it saddens me that peoples comments seem to have affected what you write or put out. I know that for myself I don’t always get into what someone else might but I don’t think that means that anyone should say negative things about it. I hope that you continue to write from what comes naturally to you. Please keep your head up no matter what other say or write, and true fans will enjoy your books. I know for myself they have been a great escape from stress and chemo treatments. When you are sitting there it is nice to sink into the world of the lyons or even the pregnancy affairs. I know that you have made me smile on many occasions when I didn’t feel like it, so I want to thank you for that and wish you all the best. Thank you again for providing and escape from it all.

  15. I’ve just recently started reading you books and I absolutely love them. Where do you get your inspiration? I know women say that they like to in charge but every once in a while we like a man who can take care of what’s his and not apologize for doing it. I love your Alpha men. Keep on writing such great stories. And if no one has said it then I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

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