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New Adult and College Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance & Romantic Erotica.

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 Starting Over ~ Passion ~Rebound ~Sex & Marriage ~ Biker’s Law ~Talon’s Heart ~ Soldier’s Lady ~My Little Farm Girl ~Indiscretion ~Catch Me If You Can ~Hold Me If You Can ~Southern Heat ~Caleb’s Blessing.

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Jordan Silver is the author of captivating love stories that always end in happily ever after, no exceptions…

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  1. Hi, this is my first time buying directly from your website and the link works fine. Thank you. I hate waiting on Amazon until they release your book. Thank you also for making it easy to buy and to be able to pay with debit card. Appreciate it!

  2. Loving the Enemy: Ms. Jordan went old school on us with this one and I loved it. Good story, great characters and one best friend for the ages. Emily, the h and Simone her BFF had a relationship based on similar backgrounds, strength of character and of course loyalty, one of the most important traits of all. The H Jason Storm went from mildly alpha to full blown OMG “get the oozy” ALPHA and turned this book into an “I couldn’t put the book down before it finished” read, just loved it. Can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book. Damn good read.

  3. Thank you just finished loving the enemy….. loved it sooo much… will be reading it again tonight. Thank you sooooo much for all the books you have recently released they have all been awesome…. please keep them coming…. cant wait to see what you have for us next lol

  4. After a long two weeks with work an kids. Seeing two new books was the best. Thank you jordan for two more wonderful books. Looking forward to reading many many more.

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