Hello my little butterflies, I hope you enjoy whatever you find here. My name is Jordan Silver and I am a storyteller of sorts. My work is available in e-book and paperback format and may be found at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and smashwords. Please check the site thoroughly for all information pertaining to New Releases. The Book Corner has the links to all/most of my books that are available. My style is the same always, No cheating, no long drawn out separations, very little angst, HEA, and contrary to what some seem to think, I do not write cliff hangers, and definitely not any involving the main characters. Thank you for reading.
Be at peace, Jordan Silver

222 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Jordan silver, I’ve become a fb stalker now. I love it. So thanks so much for giving into my begging, MOUTH is coming back. O how I love you. And also the stories on there are fanfreakintastic.

  2. Oh you wonderful, wonderful, sneaky woman! Love, love the tidbits that you’ve been posting on FB. Thanks so much for making this empty nest holiday bearable, my dear.

  3. Seriously, Jordan? Thanks to your devious brilliance, I am now completely obsessed with what you will be releasing next. I never knew how exhausting cyberstalking could be, until you & your little “sneak peeks”. While they have saved the lives of several family members, I need more…Oh yeah, happy holidays, love ya!

  4. Love the new year surprises you are back on top form. Bretts little headaches and kicking and screaming have made a great start to the new year. Happy New Year to You and Yours

  5. I just finished reading kicking and screaming and I love it, I couldn’t put it down. I am going on amazon to find more of your books.

  6. Oh boy oh boy. I absolutely loved the four books you released this January. But I have to tell you that “Kicking and Screaming” is my favorite. Maxie is a riot. She’s my kind of people that’s for sure. She reminds me of somebody… oh yeah me. Lol.

  7. Love your books… just wish some of them were a little longer……Some books you can wait to finish, but yours I hate to see end… love your writing style

  8. Others may try – but they ain’t just you! your funny, sexy, depth of characters and fresh plots/twists/turns – with foundational of alpha male -possessive, obsessive, jealous, territorial – yeah! those are my fav! with sassy/smart/quiet/funny/klutzy heroines are the best – look forward to this upcoming year

  9. Please can u tell us when the next anarchist and eden high books will be out I just love all your books check online everyday for any new release please keep them coming

  10. How do you decide which books are part of kindle unlimited? I read the prequel for Taking what he wants; but the next book is not part the program. Just a question.

  11. Jordan. I love your books. They help me Destress after a hectic week. I just finished Conner Seal team 7. Are you going to continue the series? Please say yes

    I have read all the book you have that are available on kindle

    I look forward to more

  12. So I just have to ask….I went on facebook first time ever (dont like it) but its easier to stalk…..) any way you have a lot going on do you even sleep? Love the new install of Eden and cant wait for some new stuff but it will come when it comes. Thanks for all the good books to read I am rereading some that I have had for a while and still enjoy them all :)
    Have a good day and I hope you get some much needed rest……

  13. Hi Jordan, I was wondering if after Eden and Anachrist are done you will have them on Amazon and not only free on here. I like to buy and own all you books.

  14. gd evenin! First I’d like to say that I think your writing is fantastic and I’m always eagerly anticipating your next story โ˜บ๏ธ I did wonder what happened to a book I read of yours but I’m uncertain of its title, I thought it was taken. Where a young woman trespasses on this rather domineering mans land and after trapping her he decides to keep her. But it doesn’t match takens description when I searched online. I was wondering if the title changed or I’m thinking of a different book. I saw it on scribed but I couldn’t buy it on amazon for some reason. Can’t wait for the villain!!

      1. Ohhh yes that makes more sense!! Thankyou so much! Off to kindle cart here I come โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ’› xxxx

  15. Hi Jordan, me and my sister are massive fans of your books. We love your alpha men!!! We Absolutely loved Connor and were wondering if you were planning to follow up with the rest of Connors team with more books and when that might be? Thanks Hayley n Nic. X x

  16. Hi there, new fan here:
    I just finished reading “Brett’s Little Headaches” and “His Secret Child” recently. I really want to thank you for the amazing writing when voicing the male protagonist’s point of view. There are other male alpha characters from other fiction I’ve read that just come off being jerks re: their ‘alpha’ traits but these two characters clearly show their own fears, vulnerabilities and sense of fierce protectiveness … making their actions clearly understandable. And holy hanna are they funny too – the scenes when Brett was talking about his frustrations when at his children’s delivery were priceless – I laughed.
    Moving on to your next books now … You do great stuff. Katarina.

    1. Hahaha hello Katarina, welcome and thanks for reading, did you read my Katarina, in The Lyon series? Lol there should be some snippets on this blog, look for Lyon the next generation. Have fun reading butterfly

  17. Love your stories! I have read all of them and can’t wait for more. I really can’t wait for the next Mancini’s Way! I hope you are doing fabulous and keep your creative juices flowing! Hugs and Love!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      I am wondering when the next installments of eden and the anarchist will be released on kindle?
      I have read all of your books.

  18. I love your books! I think I have them all,lol I just finished the bad boy and soccer mom! Omg thank you lol Bretts headaches,sassy,and the daughter in law,what a man wants and I know you have saved my life or least my ex’s lol your revenge is priceless! Thank you for giving me a HEA.

  19. I love your books. Your write the best hot alpha hunks and bad boys and the sex is hot! I can’t name all of your books as my favorite, yet, but that is because I haven’t managed to read them all, yet. But I’m working on it. So far, I especially loved The Brit, Bret’s Little Headaches, Everything Lyon,and so many more. I just purchased season 1 of Eden High and Talon’s Heart — I’m so looking forward to them. Please keep writing exactly how you write!

  20. Thank you for the update on the new story that you are working on. When finished it’s going to be a ten, I can’t wait for you to finish so that I can get it

  21. You asked what we are looking for and what series to continue I love eden high and I want to see it continue to fruition but for me anarchist doesnt do it. (I am not critising this is just personal to me) I want full stories, these to me are what you excell at. Talons heart, the billionaire, lyons crew, dangerously in love passion etc. I read everything that you write but always read these constantly. I hope this helps. By the way the photo of you and yours rocks.

    1. I don’t care what any other fan say I enjoy…… No let me correct that ” I love each and every book you write” u have passion just keep writing. I wish you would give us update on each character of your books. I just want to see what happen to the kids and Their love life….. Keep up the good work๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I need more Seal Team Seven. I had the day by myself and read the first three books. LOVE!!! I don’t want to sound whiny but please hurry. My husband thanks you, he will have a very good night ;)

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